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Dion brings forth his shadow Cabinet.

There are plenty of places to read the analysis. I’m reading from the CBC brief on it. If you’re a politics wonk, The complete list can be found here. My early observations are I might tune in to CPAC and Question Period to specifically watch Mark Holland grill Gary Lunn in Natural Resources… it will be entertaining at the very least. Everyone else says the David Mcguinty choice for Environment is a great pick; I’m not familiar with him beyond him being Dalton’s brother, so I’ll have to see how he performs against the attack-dog John Baird. I see Lucienne Robillard is going to stay as Deputy House Leader – I’ve seen a lot of Liberal bloggers hope she’d be given a role… and apparently she has.

Otherwise, the test will come in performance in QP and how well they articulate their alternative views to their Conservative counterparts.


3 comments to Dion brings forth his shadow Cabinet.

  • knb

    Miles, don’t their ridings abut?

    McGuinty, the man who prompted McKay to utter the reviled dog comment…good match.

  • I think David McGuinty would probably be one of the best match ups against John Baird. He likely knows him better than most Liberals and besides being from the same city can only help. I think McGuinty will withstand the attacks from Baird quite easily.

  • […] The blogger response I have reader so far has ranged from happy camper and some interesting choices to easily entertained. So in other words the response has been as interesting as the announcement. […]

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