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Another reason Harper doesnt want emissions caps – the US wants more oil from us.

If anyone has asserted that Harper doesn’t really want hard emissions caps on “so-called” greenhouse gases because it will affect his “Big Oil” supporters in Alberta, they’d probably be on the mark. It now appears however there is someone else involved who doesn’t want to see anything slow down our production of the Alberta Oilsands – and that would be George Dubya and the US:

The U.S. wants Canada to dramatically expand its oil exports from the Alberta oilsands, a move that could have major implications on the environment. U.S.and Canadian oil executives and government officials met for a two-day oil summit in Houston in January 2006 and made plans for a “fivefold expansion” in oilsands production… A fivefold increase would mean the exportation of five million barrels a day, which would supply a quarter of current American consumption and add up to almost half of all U.S. imports. But the current extraction of oil from the tarsands results in the spewing of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere: it’s already the biggest source of new greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Bush has made it a goal to find other more stable sources of oil then the MIddle East, and he’s banking on Canada to do this for him. And of course, we wouldnt want any environmental concerns to slow that down, now would we:

…according to the minutes of the Houston meeting, to multiply its output by five and to do it quickly, Canada would have to “streamline” its environmental regulations for new energy projects.

So there you have it, not only is Harper a skeptic of Global Warming and reluctant to anger his “Big Oil” supporters, he’s got his American Idol in Washington who wants more oil, and we wouldn’t want to upset Big Brother, now would we.


8 comments to Another reason Harper doesnt want emissions caps – the US wants more oil from us.

  • wilson61

    The CBC story, of a meeting planned over a year ago, is written in such away that it MAKES people jump to conclusions.

    ”U.S.and Canadian oil executives and government officials met”
    doesn’t specify Cdn Gov’t met with anyone, could have been Cdn Oil Exec met with a head of US energy committee.

    ”The meeting was organized by Natural Resources Canada and the U.S. Department of Energy.”
    Organized by, not attended by Nat Res Cda.

    Alberta’s Energy Minister went to Houston in January, re-read the article with that in mind.

  • Kyle Olsen

    It was the Liberal government that put in the Oilsands tax incentives back in 1997. If the federal government tries to put a hard cap, and not a per unit cap on production, or a fair broad based carbon tax, or carbon market, there will be a constitutional challenge on the ability of the federal government to regulated resource production, and to regulated non toxic gases. Alberta will win that challenge.

    If the auto industry wanted to produce 3 times as many cars in Ontario, would you ask for a sector reduction of 1/3rd emissions? It would force cars to be produced with only 22% of the emissions of existing cars (per unit). I don’t think car companies could do it, and I don’t think it is possible in the oilsands either.

  • knb

    I’d really like to know who was in attendance. I think Dion said he had no knowledge of the meeting, this morning.

  • Well [email protected], if that’s the case, I’ll be the first one to blast Paul Martin and his regime if that’s how it ended up happening.

    However, its Harper in power now, and given his affinity to “Big Oil” and his love for all things American/Republican/Bush, I’m a tad skeptical he’s going to do anything to reverse or say no to this request from the US. I stick to my assertion he is reluctant to cut greenhouse gases or put hard caps on the biggest greenhouse polluters – which are Big Oil in Alberta – because of his ideology not accepting the problem exists.. because Big Oil is a big Conservative supporter, and now because “Can I call you Steve” George Bush wants more oil from us.

    Will Harper come out and say there will be no new developments that involve environmental streamlining as the US quaintly puts it? Let’s hear him say that.. and I’ll laud him to high heaven.

  • If you did a bit more research you’d see that the actual meeting occured while the LIBERALS were in power, and the planning of the meeting itself would have occured months, if not a year beforehand. Were to tories in power in 2005? I think not.

  • Time to get our $1 billion back from the softwood lumber fiasco, me thinks!

  • I’m curious about the dates of this meeting. Did this occur during the election, before the Tories were elected, or right after? Why is Natural Resources Canada negotiating when the government is in flux?

  • I hope no one is surprized by this. If we didn’t see it coming we’re all blind.

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