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Making megatonnes of money by going green is not just rhetoric

Dion likes to say that Canada “will make mega tonnes of money” by going green and endorsing technologies that support sustainable development and a green-based economy. As this report in today’s Star shows, Dion isn’t just saying this as a catchy campaign phrase – there is money to be made in the clean energy field:

Rising power prices, the need to build more electricity generation and serious concerns for the environment are creating huge investment opportunities in the clean-energy market, according to a report from Sprott Securities Inc…“I don’t think we’ve ever seen these (market) drivers converge as we’re seeing now,” said MacMurray Whale, alternative energy analyst at Sprott and author of the report, Power, Politics and Technology.Energy security, high energy prices and issues of the environment – they’re all being dealt with at the same time. Politicians are looking around and looking at the potential of technology. They’re saying, `How can we fix this? I need a tool to fix this.’ At the same time, you have the cost of these technologies coming down.”

So, the next time you hear someone charge that all Dion is doing is spouting off a fancy slogan, you can tell them its simply not true. There is money to be made in this… the question will be whether Canadians will support going that route


5 comments to Making megatonnes of money by going green is not just rhetoric

  • Gee.. a conservative supporter agreeing with another conservative supporter.. what a shocker :em51:

    Dion was an Environment Minister for a year. I know you Tory Kool-aid drinkers are desperately trying to paint that “inactivity” on him, but I suspect the Canadian public isnt going to buy your brand of blue Kool-aid.

    As for being “all talk”, Dion staked his winning leadership bid on his “3 pillars” approach and stakes his entire platform for winning the election on this approach to going clean and green. He talks about it all the time.. maybe more then he needs to. I’m pretty confident once elected that he wouldnt turn his back on everything he advocated. My opinion of him he is a man of sincerity and believes firmly in what he preaches.

  • lrC

    >Dion is just blowing liberal smoke

    I think that comment has it about right. We’re being promised that we’re going to solve a significant “commons” problem and get rich doing it. Regardless whether that’s counterintuitive to one’s instincts, it smacks of pure hype. Green dot-com, anyone?

  • Ex-NDIP

    Why didn’t Dion sing this song when he was environment minister????
    The Scandinavian countries are decades ahead of us in all facits of enviro technologies, from enviro friendly waste elimination to enviro cleanups.
    The US is also way ahead of anything going on in this country.
    Why do you suppose that is???? Well how about decades of anti-business, over taxing, anti-progress agenda of the LPC. Why do you suppose anyone with a good idea in the last 30 years left Canada for the US or Asia to see their products developed???
    Dion is just blowing liberal smoke, just like the Cretch used to do . . . talk, talk, talk . . . do nothin, do nothin . . . . and on and on.

  • lrC

    Energy prices certainly are not generally “high”. Electricity rates are in fact somewhat on the low side, on average, for Canada and the US. Oil prices have still not reached the adjusted peak that was attained during the 1970s. Natural gas prices do appear to be at all-time highs.

    Political meddling with energy prices and policy shouldn’t be expected to help. The narrow gap between supply and demand of electricity in Canada and the US is mostly due to inept regulatory activity.

  • solar, wind and flow batteries for load balancing. Even home owner could install this tech and reduce their dependancy on the power grid. Low Thermal power conversion will be the next big money maker.

    Green the environment will lead to huge green economy and an industry sector to drive it. There is green in the green to be made. Invest now, I am.

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