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Thoughts and prayers for Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher is one of the female duo that runs Firedoglake, which resides on my sidebar of US Blogs I read. For those that dont read her, she was one of the directors for the movie Natural Born Killers back in the mid-90’s. Since then, she has found her niche in blogging, and she champions the liberal/progressive cause down there.

Jane announced today she has breast cancer – for the third time – and was going back in for treatment and surgery. I’ve talked to Jane only a few times in email correspondence, but I admire her devotion and commitment, and I especially admire her courage. My thoughts and prayers go out to her, with the hope she will be back in time to cover the middle phase of the Scooter Libby trial, as Firedoglake was the only blogsite granted a press pass to cover it, and she was justifiably proud of that.. so I hope she can be well enough to get there to take part in coverage.


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