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Dion advocates high-speed trains

I noticed buried in this article which highlighted Dion’s speech to a Toronto business audience talking about his specific environmental plans and strategy his seeming endorsement of getting high-speed train service in Canada:

On transportation, he drew applause when he said: “I think it’s time to consider fast trains in Canada. If we were able to have Montreal to Toronto, downtown to downtown, in three hours instead of five hours, how many of us will take the train instead of the plane?”

Well, I’d be taking the train anyhow, because I have a fear/distaste for flying, and need literally to be drugged up so I can sleep thru it (and not have to endure the potential terror of the plane crash), but I like the plan. The question will of course as always be money and who finances it. Canada being a big country in my opinion has always needed a high-speed commuter train service like what they have in Japan.


10 comments to Dion advocates high-speed trains

  • Hi anonal…er Bob….

  • Scott,

    Ever seen a train crash?

  • Bob:

    You’re an idiot.

  • I’m still hopeful Canada’s first high speed train will replace the treacherous Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary. There’s actually been a serious business proposal on that. I have no problems with flying (if I could afford to do it), but getting rid of the traffic on that highway could prevent a lot of death. My knuckles are always white driving there.

  • It’s too bad that Mulroney and Chretien let CN and CP plunder our rail system, and Via rail discontinued service in most of the southern West.

  • Bob

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  • K.R

    If there would be high speed trains in the Go transit system that would rock…. too bad its only pipe dreams.

  • Bailey

    Sounds like Dion has been talking to David Collenette, as this was something he had been wanting to do. Or maybe he’s been talking to Penny Collenette, there are rumors of her running in the next election.

  • The obvious contrast, of course, being Baird’s charming little adventure in green rail initiatives.

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