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Canadian scientists discover new gene that causes Alzheimer’s

Remember when I said here that you should visit the Canadian Alzheimers Society web page and maybe consider donating?

This is what donations help do:

An international team of scientists, spearheaded by University of Toronto researchers, has discovered a gene responsible for many cases of the most common form of Alzheimer’s disease. The gene can cause late onset Alzheimer’s in large numbers of seniors and crosses ethnic and racial lines…

The discovery may not lead to the cure.. but:

“Each new piece of the puzzle helps solve the overall puzzle faster and brings new opportunities for imaginative new approaches to diagnosis and treatment.”

The Alzheimer Society of Canada’s website is here – again, please consider donating to help fight this cruel disease.

The Forget-me-not flower - symbol for the Alzheimer Society of Canada


1 comment to Canadian scientists discover new gene that causes Alzheimer’s

  • knb

    I thought of you when I read this story earlier. It’s great to see every little step that moves things forward and nice to see that Canada offers the best and the brightest.

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