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News From Home – comme ci comme ca.

I got an update from Mom on what transpired Friday at my Grandfather’s (I talked a bit about that in my Alzheimer’s post here). Some of what I heard I was relieved, other news I got I was pretty disturbed to hear (the “bad” part I was afraid of).

I think I’m going to digest what I heard and let it sit for a day or 2 til I hear more before I specifically say what went on (at least publicly anyhow).

I just thought I’d mention it since I had such moving gestures of moral support both publicly and private to those 2 posts, and people are genuinely concerned/interested and care what is happening. I was very moved by the reaction.

Again, thank you.


3 comments to News From Home – comme ci comme ca.

  • Thanks for the support :em03:

  • BBS

    Alzheimers is truly a difficult disease to deal with. If, as a gather, your mother is going to be the one directing your Grandfather’s affairs, the best thing I could offer is the suggestion that you provide your unconditional love and support to her. The caregiver in these situations shoulders an immense burden and is often wracked with guilt and self-doubt. She will need everything you can give and more to travel this road. Your mother may be the rock of your family but even the strongest rock can be worn down. Be her rock.

    Best wishes

  • knb

    Still with you Scott. Please, take the time to process as it feel’s right to you. For me, that was important and I believe it’s true of all of us.

    Stay true to you.

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