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DiaTribes 1 month anniversary.

On a slightly cheerier note, today is the first month anniversary of this blog in operation since I decided it was better to pontificate on my own blog rather then use Progressive Bloggers for diary postings when I had just become a Liberal.

In 30 days of operation, I’ve had 11 700 page views, but more importantly, 4105 unique visits – which isn’t too shabby for a new blog. Granted, I was pretty well known over at Prog Blog as basically the lone moderator of the group (basically the “voice of the site”) who would use the diaries to express an opinion, so I had a lot of carry-over audience, and a lot of our affiliates have been kind in posting links to me, but I still am pleased that enough of you people find me interesting enough to read on a daily basis – be it because you think I have something intelligent to say, or whether you think I’m out to lunch and like to use my postings to humour yourself.. or like Olaf you just like my emoticons you can use in the comments (the smiling drooling guy in his case).

So.. thank you for all your past and hopefully continued support.


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