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He was guarding his house..

While I’m awaiting word from home with news and to do with my prior post, this story caught my eye – as its not far from where my parents live and where I grew up, and extremely bizarre:

Police in southwestern Ontario arrested a 19-year-old man Thursday after finding what they say was a bomb factory in a rural farmhouse… Officers raided the Norfolk County home, seizing explosives, two live bombs that had been buried in a field on the property, at least one firearm and bomb-making materials… Police described him as having expertise with explosives.

A 19 yr old who has “expertise” in explosives living out in the middle of nowhere operating a bomb factory and having live bombs on the property.  I’ll eagerly await the explanation to what the heck he was building bombs for. (How does a 19 yr old become an expert in explosives-making?)


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  • Whooee! Well, I don’t reckon he was alQaeda. He was named in my local paper: Jakob Froese, 19 years old. He lives out in Walsingham township.

    ‘Round here, we call that “God’s Country” on accounta there’s a lot o’ Mennonites there an’ they got names like “Jakob.” Mennonites is peaceful, mind-yer-own-bizness types but they probbly got a couplafew black sheep. There’s a bunch of ’em who travel back an’ forth from here t’ Mexico doin’ migrant farm work an’ a few been busted fer pot-smugglin’.

    The paper sed two o’ the buried bombs was on other folks’s property. Sounds like landmines.

    Its a dang mystery but if I hear any more news, I’ll letcha know.


  • Actually Scott, he probably was “guarding the house”.

    Back home in Lambton County, the older brother of one of my buddies had his shed broken into by some teenagers. Yes, all he had was a shed on about 150 acres. He had some old beater cars he was working on, some electrical equipment and a welder.

    The kids smashed some windows, flattened the tires on a car and generally left the place filled with empties.

    Given the large rural area to patrol, the OPP could not go by the place often and it happened twice in a few weeks. My buddies brother was so upset he did the following:

    1) Jury-rigged the doors and windows so that they phoned him at his house in town if opened when he wasn’t there.

    2) Set up a number of man-traps that would either electrocute an intruder or hit them with a swinging engine block.

    3) On random, selected nights, he would sit inside the shed, in the dark, with his pump-action Mossberg and his Smith and Wesson 9mm waiting for his “guests” so he could give them a “surprise”.

    Of course, he had the good sense to phone the local OPP detachment before going out so as not to accidentally shoot a cop who might decide to actually check up on the place while he was there. And they just didn’t bother asking him what might happen if he found someone.

    Almost everything he did was illegal. But the local cops just left him alone.

    So hearing about this, I thought that out in farm country, this is not all that unusual. And as wild as it sounds, in his mind it may have just ben for “home protection.”

  • Maybe he just misunderstood what his peers meant when they said they wanted to get bombed. 🙂

  • Gee, and we have a bad name in Toronto…

  • When I was in high school all the ‘computer kids’ had downloaded the Anarchists’ Cookbook and so on; probably one of those. Doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous, illegal etc, but I’m now waiting for the CBC to report he was going to knock over the CN Tower any minute now.

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