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Sigh.. welcome to the real world.

Unfortunately, the real world sometimes intervenes upon our blogging bubble, and tomorrow (the 12th) is going to be one of those days for myself and my family in general. I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to say anything about it tomorrow or wait a day or 2 to let me collect my thoughts on what will be happening, but I’ll say briefly a health matter has been going on with one of my family for a while.. and its been very grievous and hard on everyone. An event/decision is taking place involving that family member, and the end result of it is either going to be bad, or less bad but still sad.

So, I may be around to mention it or I may not. We’ll see what happens…  but I guess I’m mentioning it now to say if I’m absent, that’s why, and that I and our family can use your additional thoughts or prayers.. and I’ll be eventually around to elaborate on it – when will depend I guess in my mood/state of mind and the outcome


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