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Layton gives initial tough stance on environment amendments

Well, Mr. Layton is giving initial indications he will play hardball with the Tories over what he wants amended in the Clean Air Act for it to garner NDP support. In an interview with the Tyee, Layton is asked what he’d like to see implemented right now. His answer:

Bring in compulsory emissions standards for automobiles built and sold here…immediately end subsidization of big oil and gas companies and move all of that money and then some into investing in solutions…[and] put very strong caps on industrial emitters.

When asked which of those are “must-haves” for the NDP to support the Clean Air Act, he responds:

I think they’re all must haves. We’ve proposed them all already. I’ve met with the Prime Minister and told him those are things that must be done.

I sincerely hope that Jack and the NDP stick to their principles on this, and walk away from any deal that are only half-measures. Remember, they have 12 proposed amendments they want done to this bill, and those 3 listed above are probably the most contentious for the Conservatives and their “base”.


1 comment to Layton gives initial tough stance on environment amendments

  • wilson61

    Jack and Steve are not that far apart.
    Clean Air Act:
    ..Action in making mandatory the auto industry commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles by 5.3 megatons by the year 2010.
    ( 4 year deal signed with Martin for voluntary emissions reg. stand until 2010)
    …By 2011, produce new regulations for vehicle fuel consumption
    … The government will also introduce regulations over the next year to slash emissions from motorcycles, outboard engines, all-terrain vehicles and off-road diesel engines.
    ..Under the proposed bill, there would be hard caps on greenhouse gas emissions 2020 to 2025
    …By 2025, set federal targets for smog and ozone levels
    …Harmonize vehicle emissions standards with those of the United States over the next 12 months
    …Align regulations with those of the U.S. for volatile organic compound emissions
    …Work with provinces to create system for mandatory reporting of air emissions and avoid regulatory overlap
    …Introduce environmental damages fund that applies non-compliance fines directly to cleanup

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