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It was nice knowing you Jean..

Like my friend Jonathan over at TDH Strategies, I too am not exactly crying in my pillow over Jean Lapierre leaving politics once more to host his own TV show. Best of luck to him, but I never agreed with his political philosophy even after he re-joined the Liberals under Paul Martin. And unlike our media friends at Canadian Press, who are somehow spinning this as another “blow” to Dion and the Liberals (I suppose they were spinning the Khan departure as the first blow) I look at it as an opportunity for someone new and fresh to step in.


2 comments to It was nice knowing you Jean..

  • I confess I never quite got the whole Lapierre story; not knowing enough about him, I don’t know if people disliked the Bloc tenure, the ‘soft nationalism,’ the Martin connection, or some other factors, like personality.

    However, as I’m apparently now in the ‘soft nationalist’ wing of the party by some ludicrous feat of Harper and Duceppe, I’m left wondering if he earned the Volpe-like love commonly showered on him.

    At any rate, whatever his qualities he’s been openly in the process of leaving politics for some time now, so the real issue is who gets the nomination – Brigitte Legault, Justin Trudeau or someone else. The formula of Legault winning the nomination and Trudeau running in his father’s old riding later has a certain appeal to me. I’d also like to hear more in terms of substance from Trudeau – it isn’t fair to slam anybody as a name-only candidate, but I haven’t been in broad agreement with a lot of what he has said, so I’m in the skeptics corner.

    But I’ve noticed – on WK and elsewhere – that some people are taking the Trudeau candidacy as a point of potential intra-party friction. I sure as hell hope that isn’t the case, after the bruising we’ve been through last year.

  • I think they only mean a blow in the sense it’s one less Liberal vote in the house once he resigns, making it a little tougher to defeat government legislation.

    Anyway, I too am pleased as punch at the news today…door…way out…and so forth.

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