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Some links to Prog reaction to the George Bush “surge” speech.

I didnt catch it live, I just caught the summary. However, some of the bloggers on my side-panel did catch it live, and the reaction is more or less the same: Bush refuses to admit he made a mistake by invading Iraq (beyond some token admissions of mistakes in what could have been done better), and he appears to be trying to use the same old tired lines to rally support behind the effort.

JJ in her piece mentioned it sounded to her like a speech reminiscent of cold-war rhetoric, and that she was going to be going to Vietnam in a few weeks. Vietnam in a few weeks might be a lot less politically turbulent then the US will be, if the Democrats show any backbone in the Congress against this obstinate President who believes in the unfettered power of the executive branch to do what it wants in a time of “war”.

There will be (and already is) other blogger reaction to this speech, which you can check out at Prog Blog and Liblogs by clicking on those links at the side.. but I thought since these bloggers are ones I regularly read, I’d like to give them some attention to their own efforts at what they thought of last night’s effort by Bush to convince everyone he’s right, and that no one will recognize victory when we achieve it… or whatever.

UPDATE: Here’s another blogger on my sidepanel with her take on the speech – with a slightly different perspective.. but I’m in agreement with it as well.


3 comments to Some links to Prog reaction to the George Bush “surge” speech.

  • Well, he is after all the “decider” :em41:

  • The most remarkable message in Bush’s present stance can be summed up as follows:

    “The furtherance of democracy is too important to abandon. I’m therefore going to ignore what the American people want.”

  • Dying for a Mistake…

    The quote that keeps coming to mind as I consider the debacle that is Iraq came from a young veteran testifying before the US Congress on the matter of the Vietnam War.

    “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

    I don’…

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