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Canadians prefer the Democrats.. go figure

The only surprise out of this poll isnt the size of the majority that Canadians prefer a Democrat winning in 2008 over a Republican, but the fact “don’t care” is as high as it is, although the fact that even Albertans want a Democratic president by a 2-1 margin over a Republican gives me hope for that province yet.


6 comments to Canadians prefer the Democrats.. go figure

  • eeid


    The days of the New England Progressive Republicans such as John Chafee are long gone. Unless there are more Schwarznegger type Repubs then I don’t see any change in Canadian preferences.

  • Why don’t you come out for a visit, Scott? Shatter some stereotypes. 🙂

  • Let’s not forget either that Albertans answered in the affirmative when asked whether they’d agree with a carbon tax (in fact, Albertans scored one of the highest levels of agreement with a carbon tax in all of Canada!).

  • I’m aware its a tad overblown. Thats why I don’t take Lrc’s bluster about “you might as well kick Alberta out of Confederation if you try and reduce greenhouse gases from our oil companies” very seriously, when polls show a majority of Albertans want action taken on climate change.

    I think it just shows Lrc is one of those 0.3% who voted for the separatist party out there.

  • If you’ve read “Fire and Ice” by Michael Adams, Alberta’s more ‘socially liberal’ by all of the metrics he used than Massachusetts. The whole Texas North thing is a bit overblown.

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