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My (brief) thoughts on Justin Trudeau

I have no problem with Justin Trudeau if he wants to run as a candidate for the Liberals. Personally however, I think it would be better suited if he ran out in BC, where he’s lived and worked for quite a few years now. (He was a school teacher out there as I recall).

In my opinion, what Dion should be trying to do is to recruit his brother Alexandre, and get him to run for the Liberals in Quebec. I think the party has taken enough of a leftward turn that he would feel comfortable joining, and I like his serious demeanor. His resume (documentaries in Baghdad, and so forth) is also a bit more substantive then his brother (with all due respect to Justin).


7 comments to My (brief) thoughts on Justin Trudeau

  • mushroom


    Check out the fuddle duddle blog. Brigitte Legault is favorued by the bloggers there. Of course, the riding rank and file may differ.

  • IslandLiberal

    The leadership should make a policy of actively recruiting women to run for nominations, and, if they choose, making it clear to the membership that these are their preferred candidates. However, the final decision must remain with the members of the riding associations.

    If the Outremont riding association wants Trudeau (which I imagine would be the case), then let them have Trudeau. He’ll be a real bonus for the party, with his charisma and profile.

  • mushroom


    What I am suggesting is that a riding with no Liberal incumbents will NOT be allowed to hold a nomination meeting until one man and one woman puts their name forward. Usually when one candidate submits his/her forms, an acclamation will occur when there are no challengers two weeks before the scheduled nomination meeting. This may encourage a woman to put her name forward at the risk of having no Liberal candidates running in the riding for the next federal election.

  • How is the Liberal party then to reconcile this need for completely open nominations with the desire to increase the representation of women in the House of Commons?

  • mushroom

    Let us have a fair nomination in Outremont.

    Have Justin and Brigitte Legault contest the nomination. Both are young dynamic candidates who will do well in the House of Commons if elected.

    In ridings where there are no Liberal incumbents, ensure that the nomination process is opened once one man and one woman have declared their intention to run. Outremont should be used as a benchmark to show that both Justin and Brigitte will present their points fairly.

  • shoshanaberman

    Dion has a responsiblity and desire to honour his election promise of more women candidates and more women in the house, not more Trudeaus. Neither one of them qualify for the priority of Liberal candidacy right now, which would be women followed by diversity. Enough white men already far less enough priviledged white men from a patriarchal political dynasty. When one of their wives wants to run, or their sister let me know.

  • Considering the Liberal Party’s propensity to elect leaders from Quebec and seemingly messiah like view many have of Justin Trudeau, It makes sense that he would run in Quebec.

    I firmly believe that many in the Liberal Party see Trudeau as the only leader that can bring back a Liberal renaissance in Politics. I think that’s why they went with the same old in Dion for now. They want to give Trudeau time to mature as a politician before becoming leader, say in 5-10 years.

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