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Quagmire, Part 2

The madness that is Iraq will get even worse, as Bush seems determined to the end of his Presidency not to admit it was a mistake.. it appears he’s going with the “surge” option – with as many as 20 000 additional troops to send over, plus a variety of other things, in spite of almost everyone else opposing him:

If, as expected, he increases American troop strength, requests $1 billion for job-creation programs for Iraqis and demands a series of benchmarks from the Iraqi government, Bush will be running counter to public opinion, the Congress and much of his military brass.

That never stopped Bush before – he’s the “decider” after all.

Best reaction to this press conference I’ve seen blog-wise so far comes from Hunter – a contributing blogger at Daily Kos:

President Bush will be giving an address to the nation about Iraq. He will be using the opportunity to introduce Operation Clap Louder, aka Operation Second Verse Same As The First, aka Operation Double or Nothing, aka Operation Save Bush’s Ass.

…less then 2 years to go before Bush’s tenure ends, but it appears he’s going to make it the job of the next President to get out of the Iraq mess.


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