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Obscene golden parachutes

The last 2 weeks, we’ve had at-times fierce debate about whether or not the minimum wage should be going up to 10$ an hour or not. I wonder if we’re going to get any posts today or the next few days (other then this one) decrying how the free market can’t be affording such obsecenely high buyout packages for ex-CEO’s like Robert Nardelli of Home Depot, who got a 210 million $ severance package last week, or Hank McKinnell of Pfizer, who got 213 million $ last July, or Carly Fiorina of Hewlett-Packard, who got a measly $29 million back in 2005 for her mediocre efforts.

A hue and cry goes up over what we should be doing to try to make those on the bottom end of the scale have at least a minimum tolerable standard of living, yet when the big corporations make a mistake getting medicore CEO’s and spend lavish money to get rid of them – with a lot of that money being that of small investors and pensioners and so on – not a peep goes up about that – either on here or in the public or political spheres.


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