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Macleans: The magazine version of the Toronto Sun?

When I canceled my subscription to Macleans last year, it wasn’t just due to the rightward drift I perceived it was going on (thanks to the infusion of ex-National Posties, with apologies to Wells and Radwanski), but the trashy tabloid headlines and stories it was increasingly focused on (Cover stories on “Girls Gone Wild” and so on).

So, when I get back to my place today after a 2 week vacation, and one of the mail I receive is a free preview of Macleans asking me to (re)consider subscribing, the fact that the cover story is entitled “Why do we dress our daughters like skanks?” is hardly motivation for me to do so. In fact, it justifies in my mind my original decision.


8 comments to Macleans: The magazine version of the Toronto Sun?

  • I only bought two issues of MacLean’s last year: the post-election one with the Wells opus and the post-convention one, with another Wells mini-opus. That coverage was great, but other than the opuses I wasn’t impressed.

  • Aurelia: To be clear, I wasn’t defending the article or the magazine, Macleans is a rag and makes me sad. What I meant was that problems like unpleasant clothing trends are very multi-causual. Youth-marketers try to tap in to and harness trends, but ultimately whatever responsibility they have for them is shared with a lot of others, including cultural/commercial consumers.

    That isn’t to say I blame the consumers and absolve the producers, or endorse fatalism; I’m just saying it’s possible to go far in attributing blame in either of those directions.

  • Mac Lean


    I pick it up every now and then and take a quick glance through just to see what different Macleans’ contributing knob will continue the ongoing, weekly lobbying effort to get HBO in Canada.

    Possibly only Wells hasn’t made a pitch for it yet.

  • Dear Jason, I just peeked at your blog, and based on that I’m assuming you aren’t a parent yet. All I’m going to say is that no matter what choices moms make these days about how to raise our kids, we get hacked. And it drives us up a wall. Wait for it…the MSM pressure to be *The Perfect Parent* is unbelievable.
    I read the article as blaming mothers for giving in to our kids requests for this stuff. I don’t think there is a secret conclave really, just a bunch of people with poor judgement and too much centralized control of the retail industry.

  • I certainly don’t blame mothers, as such, but I don’t see things in terms of a secret conclave of lecherous CEOs either.

  • Macleans is weird. The article (I only skimmed it – I didn’t want to actually, y’know, give money to Macleans) seems to actually blame commercial capitalism for the sexualization of girls. I’d be interested to know if the author actually used that title and, if not, what they thought of it. Anyway, if I had any doubts of about the serious decline of news journalism in Canada, this erases them forever. When Macleans out trashes and out puritanizes the late Alberta Report (yes – Levant’s old publication had an eerily similar cover story back in the nineties all concerned about that “kinderwhore” look that was in style as an alternative to grunge), something is seriously, truly wrong.

  • Ye gods and little fishes.

    Thanks for the notice, Scott. There is a lot to be said, even just about that sick headline.

  • Yep, the reason I don’t subscribe. Don’t get me wrong, every mom I know talks about this issue. It’s become impossible to buy decent normal clothes for kids, the stores simply don’t sell any. What am I supposed to do, get my effin’ sewing machine out? Puh-leeze…

    Macleans and the MSM is simply using the story to once again bash mothers. They blame us, or the “schools” or “lack of morals” instead of corporate retailers who seem to be headed up by CEOs with an underage stripper fetish.

    And they do it with a trashy headline. Easy hit but no content.

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