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Dion handled Khan appropriately, by the way

Would any Conservative (Blogging Tory or otherwise) care to tell me with a straight face that if Belinda Stronach had, prior to her defection, offered to become a special adviser to Paul Martin on how to get his budget passed that would appeal to.. oh I dont know.. “corporate Canada and Red Tories” (not likely, but I’m just throwing a concept out there in an imaginary scenario) that everyone in that Party and its supporters would have been ducky-ducky with the idea? Or that Harper would have even permitted it in the first place?

Of course not. You’re out to lunch if you claim otherwise. Khan took advantage of the leaderless Liberals to get the job, and Dion told Khan he now had to choose who to work for, and he did. End of story – Dion handled it the way it should have been handled back when Khan came up with the idea in the first place.


4 comments to Dion handled Khan appropriately, by the way

  • Michael from Vancouver

    The immigrants I talk to in Vancouver are all warming up to the Conservatives. These immigrants include Sri Lankans, East Indians and Chinese. To a person, they think that same sex marriage is nonsense and want lower taxes. A sea change is happening in Canadian politics in that the large immigrant urban population of Canada views the conservatives as a more natural ally than the Liberals. They also like to make MONEY and get visibly irritated when socialists get in their faces about social safety nets and the like. These folks just don’t care about stuff like that because they are here to work and succeed.

  • Sorry Scott, but in a strange twist of fate and a pucker in the space-time continuum, I find myself agreeing with wilson61 (yes, wilson, I have circled this date on my calendar and so should you).

    Dion flubbed this. An ultimatum is rarely a good idea, especially when the stakes are so high and it was obvious that Khan had been seriously wooed for months. It was a bad move and set up perfectly the “Choosing Canada over the Liberals” meme that is the latest Conservative talking point. Not very bright.

    That being said, Khan did no such thing – he choose what was best for Wajid Khan, not for Canada. he went from being a pretty much ignored back-bench Liberal, to an important “Special Advisor” to the Prime Minister a few months ago (a position Khan sought out with Harper, not the other way around, I might add). Dion tells him to choose between back-bench anonymity and “important” government role. What would you expect him to choose? He’s a used car salesman for gawd sakes! You think he has principles?

    This is about Khan boosting his ego and self importance, not about helping Canada. My gut tells me he really wanted to jump ship last May when he approached the government and they have been seducing him ever since. And Dion sprang the trap for them.

    I take some consolation in the fact that he is probably going to be back to selling cars before the year is out.

    BTW doesn’t the Conservatives equating choosing them as “Choosing Canada” sound exactly like what they complained about the Liberals doing last election – equating the Liberal party with Canada? Just saying.

  • wilson61

    Khan offered to help on foreign policy, no answer.
    Dion did not speak to Khan on his advisory to the PM, in fact, Dion has not spoken to Khan for a month.
    Instead Dion went public to say Khan had to decide if he was a Liberal or an advisor to the PM, Dion never talked to Khan.

    And you think Dion HANDLED it correctly?

  • I don’t mean to be rude, but I really think that you’re stretching with all this spin here. Dion loses an MP a few weeks after his election as leader. He takes his constituency executive with him. The news is peppered with references to how the Liberal Party is hostile to family values and the EDA prez is quoted as saying that the LPC has walked away from immigrant communities. And this is a good day? As a great man said, “That turd won’t polish.”

    Honestly, this kind of spin reminds me of Alliance people from the Stockwell Days. “Wow, what a great day we just had! The Liberals are going down!”

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