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Wajid Khan defects – the campaign to defeat him starts, and some Taylor props.

So everyone knows that Wajid Khan has defected to the Conservative Party. Kinda predictable, to be honest after his “special appointment” to be adviser to Harper a few months ago. As I’ve already stated, I believe it opens a door for the Liberals, be they former Liberal leadership candidates looking for a seat, or as stated elsewhere, someone with strong ties to the riding. The campaign to defeat Khan has already begun, and we should all keep an eye on this blog and this blogger – he will be a key person it appears in leading that campaign.

By the way, I’m going to issue a public congrats to Stephen Taylor for announcing this yesterday . I’m not really sure why some people are grousing over it – he got a scoop, and he published it. Sure, he sometimes can be aggravating with the “everyone hates me in the liberal media” line he at times uses, and then a minute later is offering himself up for interviews left and right to those same supposed hated media figures, but how is he different from Jason?

Both are trying to publicize themselves obviously, but both also are trying to get more blog exposure to the Canadian public AND make a point to the media that blogs are relevant. I dont particularly blame either for doing what they try to do, even if the methods used can sometimes cause me amusement/irritation at the same time. (On a side note, I’m amused that Stephen is still calling this “Canada’s New Government”, when its been in power almost a year now. I’m wondering when that slogan gets “old” – pardon the pun)

If any of us blogs/bloggers out there had a big scoop like Stephen, or had the opportunity to hold press conferences on their blogging aggregates like Jason, we’d all be jumping at the opportunity. If it gets the Canadian blogging world in general greater attention, more power to them. There are other ways to get noticed too, of course, and I’m sure many will attempt those methods as well (Dan Arnold of CalgaryGrit for instance has been/ is noticed by the media types for his solid writing and his frankness – not letting his Liberal partisanship prevent him from calling a spade a spade).

With all that said, I still hold to my prediction of yesterday, Khan gets beaten in the next general election by the Liberals – and it wont matter who they pick to do it.


13 comments to Wajid Khan defects – the campaign to defeat him starts, and some Taylor props.

  • MississaugaPeter


    You are correct. After I posted the reply I realized my error. Then I thought I would wait and see if anyone noticed. Good work!


    Please reread what I said about Omar. It is not insulting to say that his influence would be the same as other Mississauga MPs.

    You are the only person I have ever referred to as an idiot. I apologized on that blog. Your commentary is many times wrong and idiotic. The only enemy I personally may have made is you. All others, are people who can’t see past you.

  • Mississuaga peter,

    If you want to field Mandy’s name then talk about her strengths, dont go about calling people Idiot and discredting people like Omar or anyone else who have substantial influence in that riding. You are started off Mandy’s campaign by making enemies and good luck pushing her in a riding dominated by us.

  • IF Mandy can win the nomination, then she can have the seat. Fair democracy. She can for sure ignore the 5% muslims there.

  • mushroom


    As a fellow Kennedy supporter you should know that Omar’s ear to Dion should be more prominent than the other Liberal MPs (Albina and Szabo etc.). As an organizer in getting the Muslim vote for a nomination meeting or an outing Omar is the best in that region. 5 per cent of the population is not something to dismiss if they are definitely going to show up for a party meeting or the poll in election day. This was how Wajid won the last two elections and the Grits would need a high voter turnout to defeat the Wrath of Khan.

    Only two Liberal MPs are female in Peel, you say? I counted Beaumier, Guarnieri, and Dhalla so that is three. But a fourth and a fifth would be super.

    Am now waiting for you to organize a petition to draft Mandy Maghera.

  • MississaugaPeter

    Gerard does not need to run in Mississauga-Streetsville. It is better he runs in his last provincial riding (Parkdale-High Park) or in his first provincial riding (York-South Weston; if Alan Tonks does not seek reelection; the riding he lives in).

    Mississauga-Streetsville should be represented by a strong female candidate. Only 2 of the 9 Peel MPs are female, and a third is in order here. Martha or Mandy Maghera (my fav) are two good choices.


    for riding makeup.

    Muslims make up only 5% of the riding. A more visible minority within the riding with greater underrepresentation in the Liberal Party is the Black community.

    Omar is a great guy and a great MP. However, he will not have any more influence in chosing the next candidate in Mississauga-Streetsville than any of the other fine Liberal MPs in Mississauga (all of whom have more tenure than him).

  • As an update, 7 of his riding association members have left with him, which is not a surprise as they were appointed by him and they are his stooges.

  • Scott,
    Thanks for the compliments,but I have to admit, I’m not going to be ‘the’ key person.That title will have to go to Omar, as he will be crucial in helping the new candidate win. I will play a role as I have substantial contacts in that riding and I want to be part of the team that will DEFEAT Wajid! Keeping the Muslims votes Liberal will be key and Omar will be vital for that. So it will be a Retention, expansion voter plan. We have learned from the Nunziato election and we will not repeat that mistake again.

    On the topic of a star Candidate, I would like to see Kennedy run there to defeat Wajid. That to me would be awe!

  • Khan: flip-flopper extraordinaire.

    I think Dion handled this appropriately. Khan was trying to have his cake and eat it too.

  • [quote comment=”435″]Do you think that Dion handled this properly? He could have drawn Khan back into the fold. Instead, he chased Khan out. I realize the imperative for you to smear Khan now that the deed has been done, but surely you admit that Dion fumbled this first real test of his leadership in caucus.[/quote]

    Ah, “Drive-By-Aaron” showing up again. Where did I smear Khan, Aaron? I said the campaign to beat him starts now… is that your definition of a smear?

    Of course he handled it properly – Khan should never have been allowed to do this “special adviser” role to begin with, but Bill Graham apparently felt he didnt have much choice. Now that there is a formal leader in place, Dion gave Khan an ultimatum – either work with us or work with them. Obviously, he didnt want to give up his plum job he got from Stephen, and his votes on SSM and his ridiclous statement about the Liberals moving away from “family values” shows he was uncomfortable in the Liberal Party. Why should we beg the guy to stay if he doesnt want to, or try bribing him with some promised cabinet position – what has he done to earn that?
    Dion did the right thing, and Khan revealed his true colours. Dion has done anything but fumble, Aaron.

  • Do you think that Dion handled this properly? He could have drawn Khan back into the fold. Instead, he chased Khan out. I realize the imperative for you to smear Khan now that the deed has been done, but surely you admit that Dion fumbled this first real test of his leadership in caucus.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Scott, you have the link to my blog… and to Taylor’s archives where he, in *his* words, declares that BT + CPoC = one… and you have Diane Ablonczy’s declaring the kickoff internally (public record at publiceyeonline)… and Taylor declaring the kickoff with the letter from Diane Ablonczy’s team. Taylor is a propaganda machine for the CPoC, his words.

  • Walks:

    I’ve had this chat with you before at Prog – Dont bring it here. Either show your proof of that on Stephen, or cease it.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    News spoofing is the cause of all kinds of unsourced unaccountable propaganda. Taylor works for the CPoC but isn’t man enough to admit it… he is a channel for partisan propaganda. Period.

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