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What an impressive resume our new Environment Minister has.

Courtesy of Taylor Collon of Insatiable Greed, here’s what new Environment Minister John Baird has on his record to count as his list of political accomplishments over the past few years.

Quite the guy to put in charge of the Environment Department. He’ll be spending more time yelling and blaming anyone else but his governmment for failing to come up with a credible environment bill.

At this point, I’d be more in favour of killing the so-called “Green Plan” completely and looking at whether the NDP’s proposed environmental private members bill drawn up by Layton can be passed with whatever modifications/amendments the Liberals (and perhaps the BQ) feel are needed to toughen it up (with no doubt some input from Elizabeth May) and make it compliant to Kyoto, then have to put up with Baird’s bluster and his attempts to revive what should have been a dead plan to begin with (which is also due to the NDP I realize, but I think if given a choice between modifying the Tories flawed bill and guaranteeing their bill will pass (if certain amendments/additions are allowed), they’ll choose their own bill).

I know a lot of Liberals (particularly Liberal bloggers) dont want to hear that (at working with the NDP), but I’ve seen their proposed bill, and its a lot tougher now then the Green Plan currently is (though I also think it could be tougher in some areas, which certainly can be amended if we can find agreement amongst the opposition parties).

Let’s show our spirit of “wanting the House to work” and attempt to pass meaningful legislation, and if the Conservatives protest and try to filibuster it/stop it, then its on their heads.

[email protected]:37pm: Here’s a Youtube video that Jeff found that shows what to expect from always calm and reasonable John Baird in the environment portfolio.


5 comments to What an impressive resume our new Environment Minister has.

  • Scott,

    You seem to forget Olaf, that many key environmental experts state that the environmental programs the Conservatives killed in the last year would have immensely aided in getting Canada towards its Kyoto targets

    I don’t forget this. However, I noticed how careful you were with your language. It would have “immensely aided in getting Canada towards” Kyoto (but it would not have accomplished Kyoto). Then “the NDP plan was a lot better starting point towards getting toward Kyoto compliance” (but not sufficient in meeting Kyoto targets). Toward Kyoto compliance is fine by mean (aka, reduce greenhouse gases), but I don’t see how we can possibly achieve our targets at this point.

    And yet, you and other Liberals hold Kyoto up as something that the Conservative government should miraculously achieve after being put – in the year 2006 – in a much more difficult position than the Liberals (not necessarily Dion, himself) were in 1993, and with much less time to accomplish the goals.

    Look, I am all for the Conservatives working with the NDP (and/or the Liberals, for that matter) to put together a much more robust environmental plan. But I just can’t stand how Liberals frame themselves of the champions of Kyoto, even tabling a private members bill (Rodriguez) that would have compelled the Conservatives to reach the Kyoto targets, after allowing GHG emissions to raise nearly 30% on their watch. You can understand how it rankles. :em25:

    I have no problem with pressuring the Conservative government to Clean up its Air Act (that was clever, no?), and hold their feet to the fire on the environment. I think it’s a good thing. I just can’t stand for demands that any new legislation become miraculously “compliant to Kyoto”, as if that were still a viable option. It’s dishonest.

    PS I still can’t get enough of this guy :em36:

  • I’m a little hopeful that Baird’s public notoriety as a single-minded partisan attack dog may work against the Conservatives, in that they’ll be seen as still concentrating exclusively on attack politics when there’s important work to be done.

    When I first heard “Baird not Prentice” my first reactions was incredulous glee.

  • You seem to forget Olaf, that many key environmental experts state that the environmental programs the Conservatives killed in the last year would have immensely aided in getting Canada towards its Kyoto targets – a fact you Conservative defenders seem to conveniently forget when talking about the Liberals neglect on the Environment. Dion was also in that position of Environment Minister for only a year – you can’t foist “13 yrs” on him. He is now advocating positions he believes will aid Canada towards getting compliance with Kyoto targets.

    What points I was trying to make  was that the Conservative’s Clean Air Act does nothing substantive for this, and that the NDP plan was a lot better starting point towards getting toward Kyoto compliance, and that its my view that Dion and the Liberals should go around Harper and Baird and offer to the NDP to get their bill up on a vote and try to get it to be the Environmental Bill to vote on, if they agree to kill the Clean Air Act and forget about seeing if they can amend it to make it better in committee. The NDP will get something out of it, (their bill getting key prominence) as would the Liberals for showing their flexibility and willingness to work with other parties on this issue.

  • Scott,

    and make it compliant to Kyoto

    Will this never die? Almost all of the Liberal leadership candidates (other than Dion) agreed that meeting the immediate Kyoto targets is simply not possible at this point (although they supported it in spirit, which is fine). It would have been difficult if the Liberals started acting in 1993, when they should have. But they didn’t.

    I’m all for moving forward on the environment, but this whole “we can meet Kyoto” seems utterly fanciful when you consider the Liberal record. All they did was nothing, and GHG went through the roof. It would not only take a complete stalling of the level of growth which led to the increase over the past 10 years, but also a profound reversal in that growth.

  • Scott:

    Here is a comment I posted at Taylor’s blog…


    This is especially the case when you consider the PM Harper has, in the backbenches, a man who has the following credentials:

    * was an Environment critic fromJanuary, 2001 to January, 2006

    * has been Chair of the Environment Committee since May 2006

    * was awarded the Sierra Club Bronze medal for his work on endangered species in 2004

    * was awarded the International Federation for Animal Welfare’s annual “Animal Action Award” for his work on Bill C-15 in 2005

    His name is Bob Mills. Never heard of him? Apparently neither has the Prime Minister.

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