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Khan’s reported defection would be a gift if true.

If Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor is correct in his prediction that Liberal MP Wajid Khan is defecting to the Tories on Friday, then I’m with Darren of Apply-Liberally and this Liberal blogger on this one: Martha-Hall Findlay has an instant riding to run in, and an instant victory. Does anyone see that riding staying Conservative in the next general election? I sure don’t.

Quite frankly, you could run Bob Rae in there and he’d come out a solid winner as well, Greg’s dreamy Tory musings in his comments section of his post notwithstanding.


19 comments to Khan’s reported defection would be a gift if true.

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  • mushroom


    Don’t forget that Omar Alghabra in neighbouring Mississauga-Erindale is a major Kennedy organizer. These factors will deliver Martha Hall Findlay the safe seat she covets in the 905 area.

    If you are Stephen Harper, you still have to do better than Wajid Khan and the return of Gurmant Grewal as a means to attract votes in the South Asian community.

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  • An “unknown” Liberal candidate?

    Right, unless you’ve been living under a Tory stump since last winter.

  • Aaron, if you’re prepared to make the prediction that Khan wins that riding as a CPC candidate, then go and make it… and we’ll see who’s right come election night.

  • Parachuting an unknown Liberal candidate into a riding with an incumbent CPC MP with a strong local following will produce an “instant victory”?

  • Mississauga-Streetsville is part of the 905 belt so it has gone Progressive Conservative in the past, although Wajid Khan has virtually no chance at winning next time around. If the Tories had a more moderate leader such as Bernard Lord or Jim Prentice, then I think they could take Mississauga-Streetsville, but as long as Harper is leader, then it will stay solidly Liberal. Oakville is the closest to the GTA I could see them winning, and even that is becoming increasingly unlikely while Halton will likely return to the Liberals and possibly Burlington (income trusts decision will hurt them there).

    Besides if someone is not fully loyal to the party, we aren’t doing ourselves any favours by keeping them.

  • Scott

    I think Layton will do whatever he can to avoid an election in the nearterm. Khan’s defection gives him more leverage to try and get some concessions to justify supporting the budget. We’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gayle

    I hope the NDP DO support the conservatives. It will just help alienate their traditional supporters (including, once upon a time, before Jack Layton became Harper’s biggest fan, myself…).

  • [quote comment=”404″]If this news is true, it’s huge. This will allow the government to stand with NDP support, without having to worry about Turner.[/quote]

    You’re presuming of course in this scenario that the NDP will support the Tories over the budget. We’ll see.

  • mushroom


    Gerard should have first priority in a riding of his choosing, but as someone who has contacts in the Kennedy camp, his preference would be to win a sit within the City of Toronto. Thus Parkdale-High Park becomes a target seat. Martha is quite strong in a suburban belt riding and Mississauga-Streetsville is a godsend compared to taking on riskier propositions such as going against Guergis, Van Loan etc.

  • If this news is true, it’s huge. This will allow the government to stand with NDP support, without having to worry about Turner.

  • IslandLiberal

    Mississauga-Streetsville is a pretty safe Liberal seat (margins of 19-11% in the last two elections), created from parts of two safe Liberal seats, so any Liberal candidate, all things being equal, would win there.

    The unknown is how much of a personal constituency Khan has, and how much he could take with him. Brison and Stronach, to name two, took a decent chunk of voters with them across the floor.

    Regardless, this may not be the best seat for Martha or Gerard; under these circumstances, a local politician with considerable organizational strength might be the best choice (although, for all I know, star power might carry the day too).

  • Correction: Kennedy should be given priority – he was the kingmaker after all, and the true winner and favourite of most Canadians (and Liberals).

  • I wonder what Helena will say if this happens? As she did after Emerson’s surprise crossing, she’ll likely stay quiet.

  • […] Scott has suggested that the departure of the Wajid will be a boon for Martha or Bob. That brings me to my nomination chat that I had blogged earlier. […]

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