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A sure sign you’re in a lull covering Canadian Politics…

…is when the Globe and Mail deems it front-page material (at least, its prominently headlined at their website in their National News section) to announce that Alexandre Trudeau had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and named him Pierre, and his initials will also be PET.
Congrats to Alexandre and his partner… but really.. thats deemed important enough for prominent display? I’m glad the Cabinet Shuffle happenned today, so we have some semi-relevant stories for the next few days.


10 comments to A sure sign you’re in a lull covering Canadian Politics…

  • Well, I find a little bit of good news in the paper to be refreshing. I get a bit sick of the endless depressing ‘sturm and drang’ all the time. To look at Liblogs you would think that no Liberals have any lives outside of politics ever. In real life, these are the moments that pull individuals in the party together to celebrate, or unite the members of the House across party lines.

    It wouldn’t kill the Libloggers to enjoy themselves and have a little fun once in a while, would it?

  • Yeah, I find the almost “royal” coverage both the Trudeau and the Mulroney spawn receive from the media to be both baffling and sometimes nausea-inducing (the latter more so with anything Ben Mulroney related).

    Oh well, one (admittedly small) benefit of Trudeau royal family coverage: at an old job of mine, a female co-worker and myself used to have a lot of fun lusting after Trudeau boys in front of a another co-worker, a male, conservative BC Liberal-type (who hated Trudeau). Making that guy squirm was funny.

  • She can leave that in the next blogposting due up in a half-hour that’s relevant to that topic.

  • wilson61

    Her rounds.

  • Wilson is making his rounds again.

  • [quote comment=”388″]Jane Taber is not a journalist


    Well, maybe she was bored Antonio 😉

    She can talk Cabinet shuffles for the next few days though.

  • Jane Taber is not a journalist


  • Jason is partly the creator of that monster. To debate whether the minimum wage is one thing – people can get heated but its well worth the merits of debating – but when Jason got upset at some of the stuff thrown his way and followed it up with a diatribe (no pun intended) blaming it on the “radical NDP bloggers” (and mis-stating one site he names as being NDP when it wasnt) and THEN posting a diary at Prog Blog trying to explain himself – a site that 70% of the members aren’t Liberal blogs – he just added fuel to the fire.

  • The shuffle might also cool the jets of all those involved in the Cherniak war too! :em26:

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