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Dianne (Haskett).. we only knew thee for a short while…

Because everyone and their brother (and sister) are commenting on the Harper Cabinet shuffle today, I thought I’d write about something else that caught my eye in the London Free Press today, and it involves Dianne Haskett, the defeated Conservative candidate in London North-Centre last month, who got parachuted in from Washington DC. (the title of the Free Press Story is amusingly called “Haskett bailing out after election defeat”).

It appears she didnt take losing too well, as she’s moving back to Washington, and in a bit of a huff it appears, if the online open letter she published to Londoners mentioned in the Free Press story is any indication:

The former London mayor has bid farewell to her hometown in a letter published on the Internet, writing that Londoners weren’t willing to support her candidacy after living six years in the U.S. “Many Londoners have (told) me that they did not accept our family’s personal decision to . . . (live and work) outside of Canada.”


Ok, I followed this race rather closely, being as its literally next door to me, and I never saw in the local London papers or the London media that this was a big issue. What was more likely was people didnt take kindly to her social conservative views or that she had worked for the Republican Party while in the US. THAT seems to me what progressive Londoners in London North-Centre objected to.

Now, Haskett does get into that a little bit – apparently, the main reason she came up here was because she felt “called” to be a candidate over the gay marriage issue. THAT also was news to me, as I never heard THAT from her publicly — its no wonder Harper was trying to keep her away from the media, but here it is in her own words:

I believe my candidacy was for the purpose of offering the people a choice on the marriage issue . . Now that the final vote has been taken in the Parliament of Canada, this issue is firmly and finally decided . . . And present and future Canadians will bear the consequences of that decision.

Hmm.. and the consequences of that action are likely to be negligible for most Canadians and a positive one for those few that it affects. Canada hasn’t fallen apart since SSM was legalized, despite what Haskett and her supporters thinks, and it wont fall apart for “future” generations of Canadians.

Haskett is also leaving due to loneliness and being apart from her husband, which is understandable. I did kinda felt it odd he wouldn’t have been up here to help supporting her both on the campaign, and morally, til I noticed in the paper what he does for a living – he couldn’t get up here because he’s a pretty busy guy helping with the -ahem- “effort” in Iraq/Afghanistan and keeping Americans safe in the “War on Terror”:

Her husband, Jack Kotowicz, heads up graphic and industrial design for a Maryland firm, RedXDefense, that creates technology to combat terrorism in the United States and explosives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What a nice couple. Anyhow, sorry to see you go Dianne; I was kinda hoping you’d stick around for the next election to guarantee a Conservative loss in 1 of the London ridings, but I guess they can lose without you.

Kinda ironic, isnt it? She loses up here, and she’s returning to DC where her main benefactors have just lost control of Congress. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.


8 comments to Dianne (Haskett).. we only knew thee for a short while…

  • Whooee! AaronFeller, it ain’t too often I offer up a JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitch but yer sure as hell askin’ fer one. Workin’ folks is what made an’ makes this country great. Gimme a workin’ feller or gal fer MP over a ivory-tower lawyer or perfesser anytime.

    Yer a snob an’ a dumbass, Aaron. I hope you don’t ever need a firefighter, if you’ve got such a low opinion of ’em.

    Fer as I know, there ain’t too many ditch-diggers still workin’. Machines an’ highly-skilled heavy equipment operators dig most ditches these days. Those workin’ fellers an’ gals make sum good dough, too.

    There’s a whole heap o’ folks who work with their two hands an’ know plenty ’bout how the real world works an’ what real Canajuns want an’ need.

    We gotta shortage o’ young fellers an’ gals who’s wantin’ t’ get inta the trades. Sickenin’ attitudes like Aaron’s is what’s hurtin’ Canadee.

    Pissed off,

    Workin’ Man

  • Goodbye and good riddance! Back to bombmaking and bigotry in the good ol’ U.S.A.

  • You have something against firemen, Aaron? Everyone loves firemen.

    He was also heavily involved with the Food Bank down in London as well, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not surprised though that you scorn such people… its the conservative way.

    And, if a professional ditch-digger ran for Parliament and showed he/she had the capabilities, why not? You Conservatives are all for equal opportunity.. or so you say. Are you sneering at the working-class Aaron?

  • Meanwhile, how are Londoners enjoying their fireman MP? What’s next, a professional ditch-digger?

  • I sincerely and ernestly hope that the door does not hit Mrs. Haskett in the arse as she abandons Candada, once again, to spread right wing nonsense south of the 49th. Adieu! :em72:

  • Whooee! I betcha the people who voted fer DianneGal is kickin’ ’emselves in the pants, now. She weren’t the least bit interested in representin’ Londoners. She was representin’ the Merkan conservative Christians an’ it looks like she’s proud of it. Jest the sorta Canajun patriot we need in the House o’ Comments! I wonder how many votes she’da got if she’da been honest in the campaign an’ told what her true motives were an’ sed that if she lost, she’d high-tail it back t’ DC. I wonder how many fiscal conservatives woulda voted fer the Green Party an’ Earth Mother Lizzie May.


  • Almost Scott, almost!

    What a joke eh? The letter made me laugh this morning when I got it sent to me.

    On the same day that new cabinet ministers are sworn in and not allowed to talk to the media, Haskett comes out swinging about her true motives for running. The Defender of Marriage!

    At the same time Dion is answering every last question from reporters (even national ones) and Ignatieff, who came to the Liberals after also living outside of Canada plans to run again in the next election.

    He too lost a tough battle but you know something, he’s sticking it out because he is allowed to speak his mind and get something accomplished.

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