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*cough* Happy *hack* New Year *sniffle*

Alright.. I wasn’t a complete New year grinch.. I lasted til Midnight, and watched as everyone in Toronto at the CITY-TV bash were getting totally soaked in the rain (which made me happy in a perverse sort of way)

So, Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2007 is an improvement for you in all aspects of life over 2006.


3 comments to *cough* Happy *hack* New Year *sniffle*

  • Happy New Year, Scott! May you be well very, very soon. I can’t think of one person I know who hasn’t been sick so far this season. You’re not alone.

  • Out of curiousity Lizt (and totally off-topic), you’re listing your “blog reference” in your name as

    Is that just a joke to tell everyone you really dont have a blog… or is it using that search engine how you found this site and that’s why you’re listing it… cuz you dont have to put anything in there for the profile if you dont have a blog and dont want to.

  • So glad you lasted long enough to see the “delights” of the rain-soaked New Year. You still need to get rid of that miserable cold, and the best way is Eucalyptus oil in somw simmering water, or vaporizer, and suck Menthol Eucslyptus cough drops, the best being TREBOR, found in the bulk section of the store. and they are very good for a cold, as they have much more eucalyptus in them, than the most expensive of others….good luck!

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