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Iraq: The definition of quagmire

In case you were wondering whether Saddam’s execution would magically solve the problem for the US that is called Iraq, here’s a hint: It didn’t and it won’t:

American deaths in the Iraq war reached the sobering milestone of 3,000 today even as the Bush administration sought to overhaul its strategy for an unpopular conflict that shows little sign of abating.the steadily mounting toll underscores the relentless violence that the massive U.S. investment in lives and money – surpassing $350 billion – has yet to tame, and may in fact still be getting worse.

But don’t worry, this administration feels justified still in being there:

In an interview on Dec. 21 with The Associated Press, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the war was “worth the investment” in American lives and dollars.

And you wonder why I’m bah humbugging the New Year? I see stories and statements like that and it just adds to my general gloom, even if I am not an American, and Canada is not involved in this campaign. But not to worry.. Bush has less then 2 yrs to go. He can only do so much damage before he has to leave.


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  • Quagmire? I don’t think the US sees Iraq as a problem. The US empire pre-dates, and will persist after, the Bush administration. I’d say that recent events remind us of just how in control they are.

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