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Bah humbug (for New Year’s Eve parties)

At this time of year, Christmas has always been my  favourite of the holidays. New Year’s Eve and Day have always been more of an afterthought for me. This year, however (what’s left of it), I’m feeling particularly Scrooge-like about the whole New Year’s thing.
I’ve been fighting a cold since Boxing Day, and its been getting worse, not better. The medication I take to relieve my hacking and sniffling makes me feel as bad as if I hadnt taken anything… so it wouldnt surprise me if I might even go to bed BEFORE midnight.

Yea yea.. I know.. I’m no fun. Bah Humbug.


6 comments to Bah humbug (for New Year’s Eve parties)

  • Locusta emersonia

    What werner and kuri advise, plus some Buckley’s (it tastes awful. awful like i would rather suck the pine tar we would give our horses when they had sore throats, awful like the mysterious linament from the scary guy up in the hills) but it works.
    Happy New Year!
    Feel better soon.

  • Not to mention, ginger tea. (Just boil the hell out of some fresh ginger and add sugar to taste.) I got this from a roommate when I was in grad school and it’s always served me well.

  • Eat lots of fresh garlic and onion – that kills any nasty bug.

  • A speedy recovery to you, Scott, and A Happy New Year all the same.

  • Iguess you will be glad by morning, that you did not go out. Sweat it out with aspirin, lots of bedding.
    A good 2007 to you, and may you feel better tomorrow !

  • knb

    I hope you feel better Scott and wish you a good 2007 in spite of your humbugness, lol, (there was another way to end that word, but it just seemed wrong, :em66:

    For what it’s worth, I awoke with a cold yesterday, took Cold F-X all day, today it’s gone.

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