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Saddam’s execution – any execution – isn’t right.

My brief thoughts on Mr. Hussein and his execution, since that of course is the lead story of the day: Yes, I’m sure he did most of what he was accused of, but I am against the death penalty for anyone, regardless if they’re the worst criminal in the world. I dont think that has to do with my political views as it does with my moral/religious ones. I also note the fact that the US from the outset made very sure this was a trial held in Iraq, rather then at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Simply put, they knew they couldnt get a death penalty there, so they made sure it was held where they could.


5 comments to Saddam’s execution – any execution – isn’t right.

  • I dont think that has to do with my political views as it does with my moral/religious ones.

    Don’t impose your morals on people!

    Kidding aside, I agree.

  • burlivespipe

    Yep, just another reason for celebratory gunfire. He’s off the hook, gets to live on as a martyr by going out without a whimper. Did his ol’ buddy Rummy send any flowers? Can we expect the other evil leader, who has essentially killed 3,000+ of his own people and 666,000 Iraqis, get the same treatment? I’d be happy with impeachment proceedings, tout sweet!

  • Whooee! Well ScottFeller (an’ Rob, too), I can unnerstand where yer comin’ from. I ain’t any big supporter o’ state-sponsored murder, either.

    Thing is, we’re killin’ people all the time. Our troops in Afstan is killin’ Talibans ’bout every day. An’ don’t gimme the self-defense argument. Purty much every news story tells how Canajun forces is “on the offensive” against the rotten bastards.

    Yer right as rain regardin’ the Merkins wantin’ t’ have the trial in Eye-Rack so’s Saddam’ll hang. Merkins still execute Merkins in Merka so that’s no surprise. It’ll be a big surprise, though, if the Merkins execute any o’ their own rogue elements, like in Haditha.

    One thing I can’t help wonderin’ ’bout… if they was t’ put ol’ Saddam in prison, would he be thought of by Ba’athists as a polytickle prisoner? Could his imprisonment lead to hostage-takin’s an’ other attempts t’ bust’m loose?

    One o’ the arguments against the death penalty is when they mebbe got the wrong guy. It happens in Merka. We got us plenty o’ wrongfully-convicted fellers here in Canadee, tot. I don’t reckon anybuddy’ll say Saddam was innocent. No doubt, he was a mass-murderin’ maniac.

    That leaves religious/compassionate grounds as the reason not t’ hang the sumbitch. Thing is, we ain’t s’posed t’ be fightin’ a war on Islam an’ the death penalty is what the religion o’ the region believes in. It might be more Christian t’ let the killer live in cell but the Merkins is there t’ impose democracy, not Christianity. Lettin’ Saddam live on accounta that would be more acceptible t’ the West an’ t’ Christians could be a slap in the face t’ Eyerackees.

    Killin’ Saddam won’t stop the violence any more’n capturin’ him did. It’s done, though. He’s dead an’ if there’s a hell, I hope he’s there waitin’ fer Dubya.

    Yores trooly,

  • shoshanaberman

    Thank You Scott for saying this and I don’t think one has to be religious to hold this oppinion. We all die. Its too easy really and holds no hope of learning, forgiveness, healing, remorse study information gathering etc. The Kurds for example blieve that only trying him for the death of Shiites is an insult to the attrocities he committed to them. Surely putting him in a box for the rest ofhis life and bring to light all of hios crimes and holding him to account for all of them is a much better form of justice. I would have kept him alive until he was 110. Forty years in a cell. Make him consider his attrocities for as long as posible. Get all the information that can ber gathered from him. Men like this usually kill themselves nd can’t be studies psychologically. Find out what makes him tick so as to be better able to deal with men like him in the future. Death is the greate qualizer and now he is a peace. He should have lived for as long as possible neutered, the worst thing that can happen to a man like that, (I just mean politically not literally) to consider his crimes.

  • Rob

    Yes, it’s hard to express, but I can’t help but feel some strange pity for this old man being led to the gallows, even though I think he really doesn’t deserve one iota of pity; he was responsible for countless lives lost and ruined, but killing him doesn’t fix any of that.

    There is somthing horrid in the cold, systematic extinguishing of another human life, no matter whose it is.

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