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“Let them die.. and decrease the surplus population”.

“Portly Gentleman: At this festive time of year, Mr. Scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time.

Ebenezer: Why?”

This attitude of Scrooge seems to tie in nicely to this story in the Star, appropriately titled, “Affluent freeze out homeless, which details how an upscale neighbourhood in Toronto are threatening to use legal action to prevent a church in their neighbourhood from feeding and housing up to 12 homeless people one night a week during the wintertime.

I guess the residents don’t want to feel guilty seeing a bunch of homeless people getting out of the cold and walking to church in their neighbourhood as they race by in their Porsches. It appears to be another case of NIMBY (not in my backyard) for these folks living here. Why, it might drive the property value of the neighbourhood down, if someone happenned by on that particular day and saw all these homeless folk trudging to Church to get relief from sleeping out in the cold!

As someone with a strong social consciense both politically and religiously, I find it very appalling that we still have Scrooge-like attitudes from some people in this day and age. It is an attitude that must be constantly be combatted.

Spirit of Christmas Present: If it’s too hard a lesson for you to learn, then learn this lesson! [opens his robe, revealing two starving children]
Ebenezer: [shocked] Spirit, are these your children?
Spirit of Christmas Present: They are Man’s. This boy is Ignorance, this girl is Want. Beware them both, but most of all, beware this boy!
Ebenezer: But have they no refuge, no resource?
Spirit of Christmas Present: [quoting Scrooge] Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?


4 comments to “Let them die.. and decrease the surplus population”.

  • knb

    I heard a radio piece on this. Apparently some of the neighbourhood is worried, because the program turns away anyone under the influence or the mentality unstable. They are given a bus token and are expected to make their own way out of the neighbourhood, so some are worried about their kids, etc.

    So, why not fix that problem? Why not look at a better way of housing and treating those who need it most? It seems to me we do things ass backwards sometimes. So much fear in our midst clouds clear thinking, IMO.

    Overall, I understand the program works quite well. If there are aspects that don’t seem balanced, great, point them out and develop an action plan. Wouldn’t this would be a great opportunity to work with the city and find meaningful solutions for the homeless?

  • Who’s to say if they’re all Christians doing this, Locusta. Who’s also to say what percentage of the neighbourhood is involved. I’m not pointing my finger at any one group, I’m just taking aim at the general attitude in the neighbourhood towards these people – both as a social reformer-type progressive-minded Liberal, and as a Christian who believes strongly in aiding the less fortunate at every opportunity possible and to not ignore or shun them

  • Locusta emersonia

    Well this is strange behaviour for so-called Christians who were warned by Jesus Christ that He may walk among them any time and any where, and that people should treat the least among them well as they could never know if they were in the presence of the Lord.

    Looks like the people in this neighbourhood should not be looking forward to a visit from the Christ.

  • […] Just after Christmas, I wrote a couple of posts in which I was critical of the residents in the Beaches area of Toronto for threatening to prevent a local church from sheltering and feeding the homeless in the wintertime for 1 night a week. Well, a residents meeting was held at that church last night, and after hearing from police and other experts on the topic, the residents of the Beaches have given the program their support and it will start next Monday. With more typical winter weather finally having arrived in Ontario this week, it comes not a moment too soon, so I just wanted to write this post lauding the Beaches folks for their change of heart and supporting the Out of the Cold program in their community. […]

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