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The “tropical glaciers” are going extinct.

Nope, there’s no such thing as global warming
(says Scott with sarcasm).

I’m sure the “global warming skeptics” can find some justification for all this melting and disappearing of glacers happenning without it being due to “so-called global warming” and “so-called greenhouse gases”, right? Anything to avoid facing the facts so they can avoid taking any action on it.. wouldnt want to reduce the profits of the oil companies from several billion to a couple billion -even if its for the good of the planet and the survival of it as we know it – now would we?

And remember.. only 6943 days (give or take) til the Tories set national air-quality targets.. wouldnt want to rush on anything so serious as this, now would we?

EDIT: Not trying to pick on the oil companies… there are other big emissions-emitters out there (ie car makers and other manufacturing facilities) who are just as guilty, but in this country, the oilpatch are the most glaring example of the reason that this particular government wants to move glacially (no pun intended -or maybe it was intended) on this issue.


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