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The peacemaker.

So, it appears Foreign Minister Peter McKay wants to have a role in the Middle East as a facilitator and start up peace talks again – and he also wants to go to China to ease tensions between the 2 countries. Both are very laudable goals, and no one can help but to wish him well. I just hope he’s learned he needs some more…. what’s the word… TACT then he’s shown in certain domestic political situations of late… else I fear both trips are a wasted exercise.

By the way, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas – although some families will still be having Christmas celebrations and family get-togethers tomorrow.. which reminds me to say have a great Boxing Day!


2 comments to The peacemaker.

  • hiti

    This is too funny that Peter “pants on fire” McKay wants to facilitate talks between Israel and the Palestinians two days after they have started to talk to each other and Israel has released funds to the Palestinians PM that they have been holding.

    So Peter “potato farmer” McKay :em72: is now going to claim victory? LOLOL

  • The right word is not TACT, it is UNDERSTANDING.

    Happy boxing day. Stay away from the stores.

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