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Better US-Canada relations on tap with Senator Leahy involved?

I’m actually posting this from my folks, where we are having the family Christmas today, but I thought I’d point to this article in the Star today where they have yet another interview with Senator Leahy discussing his wish that US-Canada relations will improve with the Democrats in power and specifically with him being in a Senate role to promote that.

Leahy seems like a good guy, but I note from my reading of liberal blogs in the US he has disappointed some of them with how he has voted on certain issues or backed down from others, so we shall have to wait and see. Still, given the history that is detailed in the Star of his links to Canada and the fact the Democrats are in the majority now is an encouraging sign. (The other person to watch in the US Congress for an indication of improved US-Canada relations is Rep. Louise Slaughter – she is an opponent of the proposal to even study – much less build – a fence across the northern border as some in the last session of Congress proposed)


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  • Whooee! Happy Christmas, ScottyFeller. I seen yer “having the family Christmas today.” I reckon you’d better get offa the ‘puter an’ start in on the eggnog.

    Funny thing ’bout the Dems gettin’ in over in Merka jest when we got our own Repugs in power. I know our Cons is s’posed t’ be more liberal than the Merkan Dems but Harpoon loves Dubya an’ partisanship’ll rule the day.

    Off topic fer this post but fer anuther one o’ yers, I ain’t goin’ along with skewerin’ that dumbass Stockboy Day. I been callin’ the ConMen “HarpoonTossers” since I started up my boog an’ nobuddy’s been on my case much. Polytickle correctness is a place where us lefties gotta be self-vigilant, sez I.
    Real harpoon tossers, igloo-builders, cowboys an’ Indians an’ sodbusters an’ stumpjumpers an’ simple fisherfolk an’ clearcutters got thicker skins than most o’ the pundidiots in the Canajun boogeysphere.

    Have yerself a merry little Christmas an’ pergressive New Year, ScottieBoy. Laff a little.

    Yores trooly,

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