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Stock Day update: Is Kate and the SDA bunch upset at Stock for his “spear-chucker” comment?

I’d like to sincerely thank Darren McEwen for being brave enough to travel over to Small Dead Animals and find this priceless blogposting of Kate McMillan’s. You see, Kate wrote a column back then berating Don Martin of the Post for using the term, “prairie knuckledraggers”, which she called ‘cultural bigotry’. She wrote a letter to Don, and I quote directly from her blogposting part of her letter:

Mr. Martin – as a lifetime resident of the rural prairies, I cannot adequately explain how abhorrant these cultural slurs (“prairie knuckledraggers”) towards our lifestyle and values are becoming…”Knuckledragger. Redneck.”
For reasons unexplained, these are the favoured terms of elitist politicians and media alike, when referring to those who have committed the “crime” of adhering to the conservative values that have been the mainstay of rural culture since the founding of our nation. Yet, to you, we are someone that “mainstream Canadians” should fear – indeed, something less than fully human. We are “knuckledraggers”.

(Let me ask you – when writing about an immigrant politician in Toronto, would you refer to those in their community as “spearchuckers”?)

I absolutely agree with Kate. So, I await with eagerness the blogposting at her site condemning Stockwell Day for his use of the “spear-chucker” comment, since its obviously as bad as the “prairie knuckledragger” term, if not worse, and Mr. Day should obviously have known better then to use it, even if he was referring to folks “down east” in his newsletter and not “immigrant politician in Toronto”. Its close enough to be deemed the same and inappropriate.

I thought I’d also take a capture of the blogposting in question:

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13 comments to Stock Day update: Is Kate and the SDA bunch upset at Stock for his “spear-chucker” comment?

  • Scott you should read the crap KKKate wrote on our blog about Africa and Africans. Some pretty racist stuff. So don’t be expecting much vis-a-vis Doris’comment.

  • Ti-Guy

    Aaron…the trolling is really…Rempelian. By the way, whatever happen to ol’ Rumply?

  • Aaron.. I’m one of those afore-mentioned people who could care less about blog-awards. It wouldnt have particularly excited me if a progressive blogger had overtaken her either, quite frankly. If she and you want to crow about it, go ahead… but does it mean much in the real world? Its a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean.

  • Excuses excuses. Did you see the margin of Kate’s victory? Must sting a bit, especially after the attempt by Robert and other Progressive bloggers to vote strategically in order to deny Kate a win.

  • Aaron said:

    [quote comment=”244″]It’s attention to stories like this that confirm the manifest irrelevance of blogs to us normal people.

    [By the way, did you congratulate Kate for winning the “Best Canadian Blog” award, Scott?][/quote]

    …says the “normal” person who happens to write at a group blog. I’m glad you’re telling the world that blog-writers are normal however, Aaron.

    We’re having some fun, and a chance for Kate to show us she’s even and fair-handed by condemning all who make inappropriate comments – including politicians she supports – and not just at media and political types she opposes.

    Speaking of irrelevances, a blog award would fit right in with that, wouldn’t it? I dont know of too many people outside the blog community who care 1 way or the other who gets what award.

    As for Kate’s blog-award, it comes from a site that has always been slanted conservative to begin with, (Matthew Good boycotted it when he learned he’d been nominated) and most of the Progressives I know couldn’t be persuaded to go there even at the idea of denying Kate her award. So, bully for Kate for persuading her fan-club to go out and vote for her. Nothing is so laudable as freeping an award site.

  • It’s attention to stories like this that confirm the manifest irrelevance of blogs to us normal people.

    [By the way, did you congratulate Kate for winning the “Best Canadian Blog” award, Scott?]

  • That’s a pretty weak defence of SDA, Wilson61. If anything, Darren isnt on top of racial slurs, but he is on top of how to read certain blog’s archives.

    And, it was Kate who equated the “spear-chucker” to the same level as “prairie knuckle-dragger” so if anything, she appears to be the one up on what constitutes a slur.

  • I won’t be surprised if she does eventually address it. However, it will probably come with a ‘but’, caveat or some kind of re-direction of the issue, rather than just addressing it for what it is.

  • Most liberals are (on top of racial slurs)

    Wow. Thanks for bringing the debate to an all new level. From Stockwell Day up a few notches to Michael Richards quality now buddy.

  • wilson61

    I thought a spear chucker was a javelin thrower, when I first read it (sharp pointy things being hurled at a target).

    Naive knuckle dragging neanderthal me, not on top of racial slurs.
    Not surprisingly, most Liberals are.

  • And the wait continues…

  • Yeeeouch!!!

    Ahhhh, the reason for the unusual silence over there becomes clear.
    Hoist on their own petard, are they?
    Aaarrrrggghhhh! Serves ’em right, the blasted barnacled blighters.
    Sucks to be Stock right now. Worse, he’s been ordered to take his site down. (How’s that openness and accoutability working for you Stock?)
    Blimey, it’s gonna be a lump of coal (or something) for him this year. Who knows? Maybe the plank, maybe a new mission, maybe a new sea-doh 😉

  • Anonymouse

    Ha! Hope that teaches the prairie knuckledragger some humility.


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