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What a card that Stock Day guy is!

I think we’re now beginning to see why Harper is trying to maintain a muzzle on his Cabinet ministers and MP’s. They risk putting their feet in their mouths constantly, as Stockwell Day has aptly demonstrated in his constituency piece here, where he goes and uses the term “spear-chucker”, which as others have pointed out, is defined as a racial epithet.

Whether he meant to use this term is besides the point. Just what exactly is this man doing in the Cabinet? The only reason I can think he’s being kept around is that he’s Harper’s modern day version of the court jester. These folks were given unprecedented freedom to insult people or question things that in other circumstances would normally get other people into big big trouble. Maybe Harper’s assigned Stock that unofficial role.


10 comments to What a card that Stock Day guy is!

  • Beavis

    heh heh heh heh, he said “Spear-chucker” heh heh.

    Liberals rock!

  • Locusta emersonia

    What’s even funnier than Day’s comments is that apparently he’s been told from On High to take his blog down.
    I already have a copy as I am sure many others do, (not to mention the Penticton paper he uses as an adjunct) but the heart of the Cons to run for coverup has been laid bear.
    Stock should have remembered the old adage about closing the barn door after the horses have fled.
    Oh, what a merry season we have unfolding as it should! The Cons are out in their home ridings and the muzzles are off. Hilarity ensues.

  • As someone asked me, why didn’t the editors of the newspaper in which this was printed notice this huge faux pas as well?

    Stockwell Day lives in a bubbble of his own reality. He needs to apologize. Quickly. Even if he didn’t understand the ugly connotations of that term. He can’t just pull a George ‘macaca’ Allen and expect not to be criticized or penalized for it.

    Better yet, for everybody’s good, just send him packing. He’s incredibly naive and should have been turfed from the party when he was running around calling Maher Arar a ‘suspected terrorist’. Then again, Harper did that too. No wonder he keeps Day on.

  • Scott,

    Small Dead Animals must be really pissed about his comment.

    Check out

    And read the fifth paragraph! At least one Conservative blogger must think it’s a racist slur, right?

  • The guy is a complete jackass and is known for sticking his foot in his mouth. The only reason he is in cabinet is the Conservatives have so little talent, they have to choose idiots like him. Although I guess one could argue if you are in opposition long enough, you won’t have many people who are cabinet ready. At least we won’t face that problem should we win the next election. If anything we will have too many people qualified for cabinet posts.

  • Locusta emersonia

    Well, on the bright side, this could be proof Stockwell is descended from spear-chuckers like Adam and Eve who chased dinosaurs all over Alberta 6,000 years ago.

  • He almost certainly meant “spear carrier,” which would make sense in the way he used it, more or less.

    However, if I mean to say “niggardly” and I make some very unfortunate typographical errors, I will expect to be raked over the coals. This is a bigger deal than Harper’s ‘so-called’ controversy.

  • Upset Guy

    It is a racist term. It is used to degrade people of african heritage.

    I don’t care how he meant it, it should not be part of any reasonble discourse in Canada.

    And non-coloured conservative supporters can tell you it means any number of things, but this person of colour KNOWS just how racist a term this is.

  • garhane

    Day is no worse that Harper himself who has gone from climate change as a “so called” item to the same as a “serious matter requiring attention” in two or three days. Match that for Bloopers and Day comes off pretty modest. Even worse, Day gets caught but does not think of good evasions, indicating a person of conscience, but Harper will go on to spin falsehoods without batting an eye. You can see his gears turning in his efforts to walk away from his Damascan conversion on climate. Do you think he believes his new version. Do you tlhink the Cons will now withdraw their utterly ridiculous Clean Air act, now absurd by their own leader’s statements about climate?

  • OR, as others have pointed out, it is not a racist epithet. See Macleans for the full roundup: Even GWB was referred to as a ‘spear-chucker’ once. And yes it does matter whether he meant to use the term as a racist one or not.

    For example, if he really meant it as a racist term I would be first in line demanding his head on a platter (rather like what happened to John the Baptist). But I highly doubt he did.

    This kind of ‘gotcha’ politics really disgusts me though. Whether it be Reg Alcock and his ‘gene pool’ gaffe or otherwise, it lowers the level of discussion and prevents actual points from being raised. And if you read the next paragraph Day points this out exactly.

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