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CPAC’s show featuring bloggers at the Liberal Convention

For those of you who missed the Dec 10 Talk Politics show that did a feature on us bloggers covering the Liberal Convention, CPAC has archived the show at their site, and that link is here. As I’ve said at Prog Blog already after I saw the show, Miranda Hussey (A View From The Left) and Devin Maxwell (Maxwell’s House) did admirable jobs being interviewed, as did Jason Morris of

I’m a tad embarrassed because other then being occasionally seen and nodding my head and saying a few “yes” phrases to answers, my big role was to leap out of my chair after we all saw the Friday night 1st round results, calling my friend who was at an after-Convention party and yelling in the cellphone to her that “Dion placed third” (she was a Dion supporter obviously), which everyone in the blogging room (and CPAC) could hear…which caused Miranda who was talking at the time to start laughing; either in glee at me saying that or how silly I sounded yelling.

But hey, it was loud down there to where I was calling 😉


11 comments to CPAC’s show featuring bloggers at the Liberal Convention

  • [quote comment=”172″]Scott, looking to overtake the Dean scream?[/quote]

    Now lets not get carried away here, that was at best a “Scott shout”, and nowhere near close to a “Dean scream” :em54:

  • Scott, looking to overtake the Dean scream?

  • AH.. so its Dryden’s bunch I can blame for making me all :em25:

  • As the recipient of Scott’s phone call, I can assure you, that the Dryden hospitality suite (where I happened to be when Scott called) was really, unbelievably loud… Scott – I think that you can blame the enthusiastic Dryden supporters, for making me yell: What?! and provoking you to raise the decibels…

  • MJT


    Congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to reading it on a daily basis, although I won’t agree with 99.9% of its content. (And if that doesn’t give away who this is, I don’t know what will!) :em32:


  • Well, I can tell you from being there myself that it was anything but boring. Even the Blogging Tory bloggers who were there will tell you that. If that didnt come out well on CPAC’s show, thats not our fault :em40:

  • SLG

    I thought it was a raving “BORE”. Just yitter yatter of nithingness. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • For those of us who had to enjoy the convention vicariously, the video is an enjoyable reminder of the exitement that we missed. From delegates cheering to young men jumping from seats and screaming into the phone I have to admire the energy of the leadership convention, even if I disagree with the delegate system.

  • Scott’s one of THOSE cellphone users. :em32:

  • Thanks, I missed the first half with View from the Left and Devin.

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