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Has the Globe and Mail ended the Google “work-around”?

Slightly off political topic, but I wondered if anyone else besides me has been plugging in the Globe and Mail’s “subscription-only” columnists into Google News to read them and discovering that Google News isn’t bringing up those columns anymore. Has the Globe and Mail ended the work-around to be able to read those folks?


3 comments to Has the Globe and Mail ended the Google “work-around”?

  • A couple of weekends ago, I tried to access a Jeffrey Simpson column using the Google News trick and it wouldn’t come up the day the article appeared, however, I was able to access it that way the next day.

  • I noticed that yesterday and now this morning too.

    I’m not sure I care really. There’s really only one columnist there I pay much attention to now – Doug Saunders.

    Ther rest are either ideologues, pedagogues or golliwogs.

  • Yeah, I tried to pull up Lysiane Gagnon’s column this morning and wasn’t able to. May have to plonk down a hard earned loony at lunch, the humanity! :em61:

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