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Equalization deal fails to materialize

My blogger colleague Antonio from Fuddle-Duddle (who I got to meet at Montreal and who I’d like to tell everyone that takes issue with what he says sometimes.. er.. most of the time… that while he can be passionate over what he believes in, which sometimes leads to heated exchanges in his comment section… he really is a decent guy and made us all feel welcome in Montreal) has been fretting a bit at his site that the Tories would get an equalization deal with the provinces over solving the fiscal imbalance and this would bring ruin to the Liberals.

For now anyways, Antonio’s fears are unfounded, as the provinces and the feds failed to reach an agreement on the equalization issue. To be sure, Flaherty is promising to fix it on his own in his Spring Budget, but there may not be a Spring Budget if the BQ’s non-confidence motion on Afghanistan succeeds or Dion and the Liberals decide to bring down the government on another issue.

So, hopefully things calm down over there at Fuddle Duddle on that issue for at least .. oh.. half a day :).
I’m beginning to think Denise Brundson, the other half of Fuddle-Duddle’s blogwriters who’s been on a bit of a blog-writing hiatus since her “5 things” list a couple months ago, might not be the smart one in all of this by staying away from writing… less stress and strife ๐Ÿ˜‰


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