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The Environmental Clock for the Tories ticks on. Check out the Countdown!

I thought it only appropriate that I add the Progressive Blogger Clean Air Targets Countdown Clock to my site, since Wayne and I came up with the idea. (Actually, I proposed it, and Wayne coded it to make it happen).

It can be found just below the “US Blogs” Blogroll. If you click on the main timer, it will take you to the main Progressive Blogger page, where as you will see, there is a link that has been put at the bottom of the clock at the site which shows what code is needed to create it; anyone is able to grab that code (cut and paste 😉 ) and use it to put the clock on their own blog if the idea grabs their fancy (and many blogs have).

As you also see the idea was inspired by Steve V of Far and Wide with this amusing post, which also can be clicked on from the “Hat Tip” part of the clock.


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