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“So-called Greenhouse gases” being under-reported?

That phrase has been running around parts of the Liberal and Progressive blog-osphere late last night and this morning – its being reported that Harper said this at a press conference when talking about the environment. It shows the Tories and Harper for what they are – climate change skeptics – despite all evidence to the contrary that it indeed is occurring and needs to be stopped by aggressive action. I might also add that’s something the Green “Stall” Plan the Tories have proposed does NOT do.

The thing is however for such a significant phrase, it has been under-reported in the mainstream media. I’ve not seen anywhere in the reports on the Globe or the Star mention of that phrase, nor at the websites of CBC or CTV (though CTV does have the broadcast of Harper’s news conference yesterday – perhaps its in there?).

If he did indeed say this – and with so many blogs jumping on that statement, I find it hard to believe he didnt – I think the Liberal and Progressive blogosphere really needs to hammer on this point to show it as an example of Harper’s (and the Conservatives) total disregard for Kyoto and the environment in general.


4 comments to “So-called Greenhouse gases” being under-reported?

  • He did indeed say that. I happened to be channel surfing last night and ended up on CPAC – saw Harper’s mug. Normally I would have kept on surfing but I stopped there and listed and actually caught that very question being posed to him and his answer – replete with the reference to the other parties’ environmental platforms addressing only those so-called greenhouse gases.

    I had already read blog posts about this – and so it was just lucky timing that I landed on CPAC in time to hear that very comment!

  • colino

    Nice looking site. Good luck with it.

    I took the phrase “so-called” as another way of saying “commonly called” as opposed to an expression of skepticism in the context of the statement. He should be more careful not to give his opponents ammunition.

    That phrase is used by the CBC, for example, all the time when talking about greenhouse gases when clearly expressing no skepticism at all. Maybe that is why they didn’t jump on it.

    I think, however that this is similar to the “Dion is French” bs in that it appears to be more of a manufactured criticism than one of substance and is more likely to damage the critics than the target if it is made too much of

  • Hello Colino – nice to see you drop in. I hadn’t decided yet whether I was going to announce my “conversion” and my new site over at BlogsCanada or not.. but it appears you found me anyhow.

    The phrase “so-called” is primarily associated with skepticism, Colino. In the one article I cited, it was noted Bush dropped calling them “so-called” greenhouse emissions and admitted that their threat was real.

    Therefore, I think Harper whether he intended to or not was displaying his still-skepticism on this topic. Therefore, its perfectly fine for us who support Kyoto and the sciences that show greenhouse gases exist and are at work creating global warming to attack his use of that phrase. There is nothing “so-called” about them – they are very real. The Tories and Harper dont believe that yet or dont understand their seriousness.. and Harper’s use of that phrase when describing greenhouse emissions reveals that mindset.

  • colino

    Isn’t the difficulty with your position that the phrase “so-called greenhouse gases” are used all over the media as well as numerous “green cites”, not as an expression of skepticism but as a way of describing a type of emission which causes the greenhouse effect?

    And isn’t the other difficulty with your position, the fact that Harper did not use the phrase to express skepticism when giving his speech.

    There may be lots of reasons to criticize Harper on the environment without taking words out of context.

    Maybe the reason that the media hasn’t suggested that Harper was expressing skepticism when he made his remarks is because that is not what he was doing.

    Honesty in the media – go figure.

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