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On traffic rankings for Canadian blogging sites.

I know that since I am now on both Progressive Bloggers and Liblogs aggregates and sending both of them feeds from here at the same time, I have to be make certain that posts I do here are relevant to both sites (particularly Liblogs). That being said, I couldn’t help but notice and comment on this post that came through last evening from Gregory Morrow of He decided to look at and see how certain Canadian blogging sites compared to each other for traffic rankings. Of the ones he looked at, Progressive Bloggers finished 3rd – ahead of such noted bloggers/blogging sites as Small Dead Animals (#4), MyBlagh (#5) BlogsCanada (6th), and Warren Kinsella (#10). Liblogs didn’t initially show up, but when Greg tried it a 2nd time, its numbers indicated it would be around #28 on this particular list. There are however some prominent Liblogs bloggers in the rankings – CalgaryGrit is #15, and Jason Cherniak’s site is #23.

I know these sites that measure traffic are highly variable because of how they differently measure things, but for Prog Blog anyhow, still not too shabby at all. Its good for our affiliates too, because the aim of Prog Blog (like all the aggregates out there) is to get people to see stories they’re interested in at a centralized hub, and then by clicking on the link to go see the story at that particular website, the individual website’s traffic will also in theory increase. It would make sense we are ranked pretty high at Prog Blog due to the fact we’re drawing from a wider umbrella of ideological and political groups.

I think Liblogs’s goal is to try and get its rankings and traffic closer to the Blogging Tory guys, who are at #14. How one goes about that, I’m not sure, tho the changes to the Liblogs site that were unveiled at the Liberal Convention are still fairly new, and perhaps given time these changes will help reflect increased traffic to the Liblogs site.

As for Prog Blog, maybe we should issue a press release trumpeting our results. (kidding πŸ™‚ )


5 comments to On traffic rankings for Canadian blogging sites.

  • Jasmine Johansson said:

    [quote comment=”74″]I think that you should be congratulated Scott – brand spanking new blog – and already prominent on the Blog rankings list![/quote]

    Well.. I dont know if I can be considered “prominent” yet – but thanks for your kind words :em19:

  • I think that you should be congratulated Scott – brand spanking new blog – and already prominent on the Blog rankings list!

  • Mike

    All I’m saying is that Alexa’s way of measuring Internet traffic is inherently faulted. As specified in the example, it could be that one, maybe two people who have the toolbar installed have as their home page which opens up automatically every time they call up a new window. It could be that Wayne has the toolbar installed and refreshes the page every five to ten minutes. πŸ™‚

    It’s very hard to say what can jot someone up because Alexa’s sampling is chaotic in this way.

  • Dumb question then Mike – if Greg Morrow didnt have Alexa’s toolbar installed in his system when he looked at the ratings.. how did Prog Blog get up so high?

    I’m not challenging your account.. I’m trying to figure out better how it works… and if you dont like Alexa.. is there another site out there that you feel ranks sites better – or are they all a crapshoot on being accurate or not?

  • Not to burst your bubble, my dear roomie, or give Cherniak reason to prop himself above his 23rd ranking, but Alexa rankings are overhyped and underepresentative.

    As you know, Alexa measures its traffic thanks to people who have the Alexa Toolbar installed (or the Alexa Sidebar) in either Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Netscape. Hell, they only released a version of their ranking tracking system earlier this year for Firefox.

    It was even shown recently that the newest version of the toolbar works only on IE 6. That works only on Windows. So long Unix and Mac users.

    From this article:

    “For instance if you look up the ranking for they are ranked #2. Now on a default installation of Windows XP, which is what the majority of people use; MSN is the homepage for Internet Explorer. All those IE users going to the MSN homepage gives MSN an unfair advantage. Take a site like Slashdot or Digg, with their user base being an incredible ~76% FireFox users. IE users on those sites are few and far between, and the Alexa tool bar and IE users are even more uncommon. Another website being hit as hard with these inaccurate statistics is MacRumors. Their site only has 13% IE users total, while FireFox and Safari are used about the same.”

    Knowing that information, and especially knowing that only the savviest of webheads install the toolbar in the first place (how many non-webmasters have actually heard of Alexa?) there’s a definite case to be made about the accuracy of Alexa’s statistical sample and its “representativeness.”

    Too much stock is put into Alexa rankings for an inhenrently flawed system.

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