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I need my fix…

So Parliament takes an official break for the Christmas holidays and doesn’t resume til January 29. Whatever shall we political junkies do during that time?

Interesting though that the Conservatives were trying to get the session extended til Feb 5, but the BQ reportedly nixed it. Rumours were it had to do with this rumoured Cabinet shuffle, but I’m puzzled why when you’re not sitting in Parliament for well over a month, you figure you need to tack on an extra week to decide who you’re shuffling in Cabinet. I mean.. I know some of the time you’ll be spending celebrating Christmas and New Years, but c’mon… there are a lot of free days in there to be pondering names to shuffle without needing an extra week off.


1 comment to I need my fix…

  • Everyone needs as much time as they can get to spin up in a new portfolio. Regardless of party. Wasn’t to make the decision, it was acclimatization time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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