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What type of election finance system can benefit the political system overall?

That’s how I look at it when I look at how election campaigns should be financed. I don’t look at it through the prism of whether it will benefit the party I happen to support, or more specifically, who it could hurt. That’s how Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are viewing it when they vow to remove the public financing system (better known as the election subsidy), and that’s how I feel my Liberal blogging colleague Jeff is presenting his arguments for the Liberals turning around their current stance and supporting an end to it as well (with the condition that the contribution limit be raised a few thousand bucks). […]


In defence of Canada’s publicly financed election system

As you may have heard, the Conservatives have decided they’re going to campaign next election on getting rid of public financing of our federal elections in Canada. This system was brought in by Prime Minister Chretien, in conjunction with putting severe limits on how much money corporations and unions could donate to a campaign. Canada thus joined many other democratic countries in the world -including the US – that have a form of public financing for elections.

The Conservatives seem to think they can campaign on it being “wasted money” on politicians, but of course, the real reason is they want to cripple their rival parties from receiving funding. […]

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