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Sunmedia’s business model – attack the CBC

A brief observation: Wherever I turn, whether it be Ezra Levant’s raving on in the Sun tabloids, or Brian Lilley on SunTv, or even David Akin on Twitter questioning CBC policy or standards (which I find amusing by the way – since it’s David’s news organization who withdrew from the Ontario Press Council so that any minimum outside supervision of how it conducts its activities would be removed. No nasty oversight for them on press ethics or practices, but let’s bash others for theirs – talk about holier then thou), it’s become clear that the raison d’etre for SunMedia is to attack the CBC – for anything remotely trivial.

They […]


Stay classy, SunMedia (if that’s possible)

Look, I know this media organization is right-wing by nature and always has been, but this is going a bit over the top when the editorial in their paper this morning reads, ‘Hip, hip hooray for the white GG’

As one of my fellow Liberal bloggers said today on Twitter, “I guess they figured the headline ‘Thank God it’s not another minority or a woman’ would have been too wordy”

..or perhaps too obvious. No surprise either that they had to shut down their comments section from their redneck base piling on in agreement. Despite that right-wing tilt, there are still a couple of good journalists who work at Sunmedia; […]

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