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More media investigations on stimulus grants..

..this one is done by the Globe and Mail, and they find more evidence of Conservatives funneling money disproportionately to ridings they held over ones held by opposition parties – this time in reference to funding for recreational facilities:

A high-profile Harper government stimulus program created to build hockey rinks and other recreation projects has funnelled about 33 per cent per cent more money to Conservative seats than to opposition ridings in the battleground province of Ontario. An analysis by The Globe and Mail shows Tory ridings received an average of $2.1-million, compared to $1.5-million on average for opposition ridings.

This bolsters even further the Liberals study initiated by Gerard […]


On Probation’s website

If you read the Liblogs or Progressive Blogger aggregate, or even Liberals Online, you probably saw a fair # of bloggers yesterday talking about how the Liberals have launched a new website called, which is designed to help Canadians keep the Conservative government on track, as they put it, by keeping track of the Conservative government’s stimulus spending.

You won’t be surprised to know a lot of Liberal partisan blogs love the site. More telling is there are non-Liberals who think this site is well done and is a good idea as well. Take for example Senator Elaine McCoy, the independent Progressive Conservative senator from Alberta:

Taking inspiration from […]

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