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Bridge watching

So if you’ve been reading around the news and the blogs, you know that the Conservative government and Lawrence Cannon conveniently announced that they’d be soon building a new bridge in the St Lambert riding, which by the way has a byelection in a couple of weeks.

St. Lambert is a BQ held riding from 2004, but was held by the Liberals for seven years prior. Perhaps they’re hoping that this will somehow allow them to peel votes off of both potential Liberal and BQ voters. There is of course also the danger that they’ll be seen as naked opportunists in promising this for political gain.

It would also be […]


Byelections date set for Sept 8th

Just saw this come over the newswire as well as in an email from a high-ranking Liberal that the byelections in Guelph, Westmount and St Lambert are set for Sept 8th.

Guelph will be of particular interest to me, since I went to University there and lived there for a good stretch, and because I was involved in the Liberal nomination race there from a distance. It will be interesting to hear the local Conservatives explain how Brent Barr wasn’t apparently a good enough candidate for the national Conservatives, who removed the democratically elected candidate by the local riding association in a coup-d’etat in order to install Gloria Kovachs in there, who they had preferred from the outset. Apparently, they think she gives them a better chance of winning that riding, but we shall see.

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