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What type of election finance system can benefit the political system overall?

That’s how I look at it when I look at how election campaigns should be financed. I don’t look at it through the prism of whether it will benefit the party I happen to support, or more specifically, who it could hurt. That’s how Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are viewing it when they vow to remove the public financing system (better known as the election subsidy), and that’s how I feel my Liberal blogging colleague Jeff is presenting his arguments for the Liberals turning around their current stance and supporting an end to it as well (with the condition that the contribution limit be raised a few thousand bucks). […]


Things catching my attention today

– Rick Mercer goes after the Conservative government’s use of our Canadian Forces as political props, and calls it a “new low in Canadian politics”.

– Mark Francis of Section 15 writes an open letter to Conservative cabinet minister “no one cares about prorogation except elitists” Tony Clement (and avoids addressing him as “The Honourable Tony Clement” so he doesn’t feel elitist).

– This article was written by Lorne Gunter on the evils of public election financing (who normally writes for the Edmonton Journal), and it appeared in the Ottawa Citizen today. Apparently public election financing is bad, according to Lorne, because we’re “forcing people to support separatists”. This is […]


Flip a Coyne..

You never know what you’re going to get from Andrew Coyne. One day he comes out in favour of such electoral reforms like the ill-fated Mixed Member Proportional election system that failed in Ontario, and the next, he’s again exhorting Prime minister Harper to stay the course and eliminate public campaign financing in federal elections.

If you’re wondering why Andrew wants this, a hint of it is contained in his piece. It seems that Andrew believes “in the principle… that people should contribute to political parties on their own dime, and that parties should have to appeal to willing donors rather than conscript the taxpayer”.

In holding this view, […]

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