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Misc topics; electoral-vote button and some new Facebook groups.

It’s a slow news day politically so far this morning, and everyone else at Prog Blog and Liblogs is discussing what I would have discussed, so I thought I’d mention a couple of internet and blogging topics.

I’ve added an icon to my 3rd column pointing to  This site takes a look at all the state polls from different polling organizations in the US, averages them out and then shows what the presidential electoral vote would look like if those polls and the site’s algorithm it uses is correct.  When you put this icon on your blog, and the blogpage showing this icon is loaded,  the browser goes to to fetch the icon containing the current predictions. As you can see, it also calculates what the results would be for the Senate and the House of Representatives. Current polling forecasts a decisive win for Obama (over 300 Electoral Votes), and big gains in both houses of Congress for the Democrats. The site and its forecasts is updated daily as it receives new state polling results.

Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the site, and you can look at each individual state’s most recent polling to see how the state has been calculated the way it has (ie. Strong Obama, Weak McCain, etc). A very interesting site – I recommend checking it out. If you want to put the icon on your own blog, go here.

There are also a couple of new Facebook groups you might be interested in joining. If you’re a Liberal or a Liberal supporter, you might consider joining the Elect Ed Mahfouz MP for Nepean-Carleton, group. If Nepean-Carleton isn’t familiar with you, that’s where the current national embarrassment known as Pierre Poilievre is an MP, and this group was made to help support Ed try to remove that national embarrassment by beating Poilievre in the next election.

If you want to see Pipsqueak Pierre removed, but you’re not a Liberal voter or partisan, your next best bet is to join Pierre Poilievre Must Go/Pierre Poilievre doit être congédié, which basically is advocating for Pierre to be removed as Parliamentary Secretary in lieu of his stupid remarks on CFRA last week on the day of reconciliation, totally tainting that day with his remarks.


Can Pierre Poilievre, Part 2

Apparently, Pierre was even feeling heat from some of his own Conservative colleagues for his stupid remarks yesterday:

CTV parliamentary correspondent Roger Smith said many Conservatives are also angry at Poilievre. “Certainly the content of what he said is very debatable, his timing was not very good at all,” said Smith.

I have no doubt whether or not Pierre was speaking on his own and inadvertently let slip out what the Conservatives REALLY think of the First Nations peoples (note that he said in his comments yesterday that ‘some of us are starting to ask are we really getting value for all of this money and is more money really going to solve the problem?’. Who was he referring to there, as Liberal Anita Neville rightly wondered.), or else he just went off message on his Cons. talking points, the Prime Minister’s Office probably wasn’t very happy with him spoiling their apology yesterday and making them look rather insincere.

I also have no doubt that led to a stern talking-to and was why Pierre rose today and made a Member’s Statement where he apologized for his remarks. I don’t have the context of what he said yet; I’ll be taking a look at Hansard or seeing if others have found it.

That isn’t enough for the Liberals, who are demanding Pierre be removed/fired from his Parliamentary Secretary position for the “intolerant remarks”, and insults toward the residential school survivors. Rightfully so. Harper however will probably claim that the apology is all that is warranted, which is his SOP when one of his MP’s or Cabinet ministers gets into hot water.

[email protected]:15pm: How predictable of Harper:

“The opposition called on Harper to dismiss the parliamentary secretary to the Treasury Board president, saying the comments were shocking and offensive on a historic day meant to engender a more respectful relationship between aboriginal Canadians and the government. Harper rejected the call, but said the remarks were wrong. “As all members of the House know, the parliamentary secretary has apologized for remarks that were wrong. I know that he has also forthwith contacted national aboriginal associations to indicate that,” Harper said.

(H/T Cam, who is now saying that he regrets giving Harper the benefit of the doubt yesterday in being sincere with his apology)


The Cons don’t even know how to do an apology correctly. Pipsqueak Pierre needs to be punished.

You know,  I WAS going to say that the apology Stephen Harper delivered today to the First Nations people was a nice and long overdue gesture, but it sure would be nicer if the Conservatives matched their words with actions – something this government hasn’t done, or rather it’s done actions in the negative -  as with the scrapping of the Kelowna Accord.

This evening however,  one of the Cons. knuckle-draggers, Pierre Poilievre, decided to show in an interview that really, deep deep down, the Cons. think the natives are just ripping the taxpayers off, even those who endured the years of abuse and mistreatment in the residential schools:

“That gets to the heart of the problem on these reserves where there is too much power concentrated in the hands of the leadership, and it makes you wonder where all of this money is going. We spend $10 billion dollars – $10 billion dollars – in annual spending this year alone … now, that is an exceptional amount of money, and that is on top of all the resource revenue that goes to reserves that sit on petroleum products or sit on uranium mines or other things where companies have to pay them royalties and that’s on top of all that money that they earn on their own reserves. That is an incredible amount of money. Now along with this apology comes another $4 billion in compensation for those who partook in the residential schools over those years. Now, you know, some of us are starting to ask, ‘Are we really getting value for all of this money, and is more money really going to solve the problem?’ My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self reliance. That’s the solution in the long run – more money will not solve it.”

The First Nations did not “partake” in the residential schools program. Partake is a synonym for sharing or participating in something, and the Natives certainly did no such thing.  And, Pierre, that money is compensation for their ill treatment. What in the world does “getting value for all this money” have to do with anything?  This looked like a nudge-nudge-wink-wink speech aimed at the likes of the SDA crowd, to reassure them that yea, we think that money going to the natives is a waste.

You wanna know what Pierre’s speech is the equivalent of?


That’s basically what Pierre is giving to the First Nations, on the day of what was supposed to be a historic apology for years and years of mistreatment, neglect, abuse, and attempted assimilation of a culture.

I agree with Cam (who has First Nations in his ancestry and is a lot more irate in his blogpost about this); If Harper and his Cons. want to show they are really sincere in their apology – they will discipline Poilievre.

(H/T Kady O’Malley for catching this idiocy of Pierre’s)


Dissenting Conservative candidates on in-and-out scheme are all sore losers: Ryan Sparrow

Ryan Sparrow, one of the Conservative officials who attempted to selectively give the Conservative spin on Elections Canada’s warrant and raid on their HQ to certain reporters, has resurfaced.

According to Ryan, all those Conservative candidates out there who are joining in the chorus about how wrong this in-and-out stunt was are just sore losers:

Conservative Party spokesman Ryan Sparrow says the allegations are merely gripes from a failed campaign. “These advertisements purchased by the local campaigns were identified as such in the tag lines required by the rules for election advertising,” Mr. Sparrow wrote in an e-mail Friday. “These are people who wanted to run for the Conservative Party. They knew the program was legal. They are speaking out now – a full two years later because they lost.”

Yes, not only are the Liberals, the CBC, the media at large, and Elections Canada all engaged in a conspiracy against the Cons, those Conservative candidates who have a conscience and who think this program was wrong are now just sore losers.

I wouldnt be surprised to hear the term “back-stabber” or “traitors” describing the Conservative candidates coming next from either the Blogging Tories or Ryan or Pierre “So What?” Poilievre.

(H/T to Impolitical)

[email protected]:15pm: Danielle has a nice summary on this scandal – a fitting end to the Conservatives “Justice Week”, as well as a summary of some of  the blogging stories this past week done on the in-and-out scandal from the Liberal blogosphere.

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