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Congrats to Maude Barlow for being named to UN water adviser post.

You may know Maude Barlow from her work as Chairperson at the Council of Canadians. You may be hearing more about her in the upcoming future, as she has been named by the UN to be it’s first senior adviser in water issues:

Barlow..will work with the current president of the UN General Assembly, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann. D’Escoto extolled on Barlow’s ability to “combine humanitarian vision with a practical approach to problem solving” and has expressed support for her crusade, calling water a “human right as basic as the air we breathe.” The United Nations estimates 42,000 people die every week from diseases related to bad water and poor sanitation.

I haven’t noticed the Conservative government issuing any press releases yet congratulating a prominent Canadian citizen (apparently dubbed by the international media as “the Al Gore of water”) for receiving such an honour to this international posting, but then, this Conservative government is rather apt to not congratulate Canadian citizens which are opposed to its agenda, and that would be an apt description for Ms. Barlow, who will be pressuring Canada on the water issue:

Barlow said there’s “growing momentum” in the international community for water justice but will focus some of her attention on her home country.”I also plan to take this opportunity to get the Canadian government to change its shameful position, and to finally join the international community in recognizing water as a human right,” said Barlow.

Barlow is referring to the fact that Canada opposed a UN resolution this year recognizing water as a basic human right. If the Cons. have issued such a congratulatory statement, I’ll be the first to give them credit. In the meantime, best of luck to her on the new position.

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