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Conservatives: those diplomats let Khadr come home

So yesterday, we find out Canada was negotiating all along with the US in agreeing to a plea bargain, despite Foreign Minister Cannon’s claims to the contrary (which he ridiculously tried to continue using in Question Period yesterday). Today, Brian Lilley of the Sun writes there was a bitter Cabinet argument over the fact Canada had accepted the plea agreement, and now there are apparently “top Conservatives” blaming Canadian diplomats for exceeding their authority:

The deal appears to have been sealed while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was travelling in Europe and there is the suggestion that foreign affairs officials used this time to offer and accept more than Harper was […]


Loose cannons sometimes blow holes in their own defences

Everyone is aware by now of the farce known as the Omar Khadr showtrial and it’s conclusions by the military jury deciding to not only accept the prosecutor’s recommendation of 25 years, but to go 15 years over that. A symbolic gesture, not only because it was meaningless with Khadr’s plea bargain (a move that appears now to have been correct; the Defence council obviously knew how this would end up), but of how everything was stacked against Khadr from the beginning in this carbon-copy of a Stalinist show-trial (minus the executions). I’ll only note that it’s very interesting to me that this military jury asked to hear the testimony […]


Another stranded Canadian in Kenya coming home, & more evidence of ministerial screwups (or worse).

As I said a couple of days ago, it was likely that this young man would finally get some action from the Canadian government on his 3 years of being stranded in Kenya due to the fallout from the Suaad Hagi Mohamud embarrassment, and that appears to be the case:

Abdihakim Mohamed, a 25-year-old autistic man of Somali origin, has been unable to get a passport to return to Canada because his mother, Anab Mohamed Issa, could not convince Foreign Affairs officials he was really her son..The recent case of Suaad Hagi Mohamud, accused by Canadian diplomats of faking her identity, brought new attention to the case of Mr. Mohamed, […]


That’s pretty rich, Mister Harper

He says he only became aware of the Suaad Hagi Mohamud case last week, after it’s been in the papers for a couple of months:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he’s happy Suaad Hagi Mohamud is back in Canada but admits he’s waiting for answers about her nightmare at the hands of Canadian officials. Harper suggested he became aware of the case only last week, even though her well-publicized plight of being stuck in Kenya had begun 11 weeks earlier. “When we became aware of the case last week, we asked our officials in various departments to give us some information,” Harper said at a news conference yesterday. “Obviously there […]

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