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Moral of the James Moore story?

The moral of this story is: when reporters are asking questions and getting replies from Conservative Cabinet Ministers, I’d advise to make sure they have recorded audio of the conversation, so the aforementioned Cabinet Minister can’t weasel their way out of whatever embarrassing or controversial comment they said by claiming they never said it or was taken out of context:

“Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.”

With that throwaway line at the end of a brief encounter with a B.C. radio reporter, federal Conservative cabinet minister and potential leadership aspirant James Moore triggered a wave of online criticism that he at first rebuffed, […]


‘It is enough for a man to understand his own business; mine occupies me constantly’

Federal Industry Minister James Moore on the federal government’s role (or lack thereof) in reducing child poverty in Canada is basically: let others worry about it:

“Federal minister says child poverty not Ottawa’s problem:

“Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.” That from Federal Minister of Industry James Moore… He says it’s the responsibility of the provinces to deal with child poverty, and Ottawa has no plans to step in.

In honour of James Moore attitude (and apparently the Conservative Government’s), I present you with this equivalent attitude:

Federal Industry Minister? An appropriate department for his attitude.

UPDATE @ 10:25 pm: Apparently James […]


A prelude blogpost

I thought I’d put up a brief blogpost this afternoon, as there will be a more significant blogpost later after 4 pm EDT – a bit of a prelude in itself, which is all I’ll say at the moment about that.

Somethings catching my attention today:

-When you’re in a minority government situation, and you’re trying to pass legislation which is not of the non-confidence variety, calling critics of the proposed bill “radical extremists”, as James Moore called those who oppose the government’s copyright bill, is an extremely unhelpful and unproductive way of advancing debate on the issue. (Trying to deny you made the remark later, only to be […]

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